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June 28, 2024, 4:24 p.m.

Top 10 Best Logistics Companies in Australia for 2024

The e-commerce market is expanding rapidly worldwide, and Australia is no exception. The best logistics company in Australia plays a crucial role in supporting this growth. Modern technology in logistics software, transportation systems, and warehouses has driven this evolution. Online companies in Australia have partnered with logistics providers to maximize order fulfillment and streamline their supply chains.

In 2020, Australians spent an unprecedented $50 billion on e-commerce. In light of this, we've compiled a list of the top 10 logistics companies in Australia to help you grow your online business.

1) Linfox    

Linfox has over 60 years of experience and is one of Asia Pacific's leading privately-owned logistics companies, with over 24,000 employees.


•    Regularly upgraded vehicles and equipment for efficient transport and freight management.
•    Safe operations in cold chain partnerships, bulk haulage, and dangerous goods transportation.
•    Digitized and secure warehouses with 24/7 accessibility, container stuffing, and de-stuffing.

2) DB Schenker

DB Schenker has more than 50 years of presence in Australia and is one of the largest logistics companies globally, employing around 76,000 people in 2,100 locations.


•    Custom operations tailored to industry needs, including temperature-controlled warehouses and specialized packaging.
•    Comprehensive end-to-end logistics solutions with robust after-sales services.
•    Real-time tracking solutions to maximize shipment visibility and process control.

3) Aramex

Founded in 1993, Aramex is a well-established logistics company in Australia, strengthened by acquiring Fastway Couriers.


•    Comprehensive domestic and international shipping to over 220 countries.
•    Fastway app for managing business operations from a dedicated portal.
•    Digital proof of delivery (POD) signatures, comprehensive returns management, and reliable compensation plans for missing or damaged shipments.

4) UPS

Operating since 1991 in Australia, UPS is the world's largest courier delivery and logistics company, headquartered in Sydney with 357 access points in Australia.


•    End-to-end solutions for warehouse management and specialized packaging for healthcare sectors.
•    Efficient customs clearance handling with dedicated resources and technology.
•    Solutions for time zone, language, carrier, and distance challenges in international shipping.

5) Yusen Logistics

Yusen Logistics has over 30 years of operation in Australia and offers access to 115,210 sq. meters of warehouse space across eight strategic locations.


•    Well-configured warehouses with temperature-controlled facilities.
•    Effective returns management with comprehensive reverse logistics.
•    Additional services like custom labeling and quality inspection at extra costs.

6) DHL

With over 40 years of service, DHL has become an industry leader in logistics services in Australia and globally, providing solutions to over 220 countries.


•    Tailor-made logistics solutions to optimize supply chain operations.
•    State-of-the-art technology and management services for transportation and warehouse distribution.
•    Third-party logistics services and customs brokerage for hassle-free international shipping.

7) FedEx

FedEx is a globally recognized logistics service in Australia, offering premium shipment and delivery services with competitive speed and prices.


•    Flexible delivery options like rescheduling and redirecting packages.
•    Real-time tracking with end-to-end visibility and timely notifications.
•    Specialized packaging for commodities like lithium batteries and dangerous goods.


DTDC is a globally recognized company offering logistics services to over 240 countries. They have established themselves as a top service provider in Australia.


•    Customizable warehouse fulfillment and shipping solutions.
•    Securely managed warehouses with advanced quality checks and temperature-controlled centers.
•    Competitive cross-border services and comprehensive customs clearance procedures.

9) AusPost

Australian Post (AusPost) has been in operation for over 50 years, serving more than 12.3 million locations in Australia.


•    A dedicated portal for purchasing items like phones, gifts, and home appliances.
•    Custom packaging and labeling capabilities for business needs.
•    Real-time order tracking for end-to-end shipment visibility.

10) CouriersPlease

CouriersPlease is a delivery and freight service provider in Australia, serving over 220 countries worldwide.


•    Over 1,700 drop-off points and extensive franchises across the country.
•    Specialized packaging for dangerous goods and a comprehensive insurance plan.
•    Ezyfreight app for real-time tracking and single-portal delivery and performance reports.

How to Choose the Best Logistics Company in Australia for Your eCommerce Business?

Logistics companies must constantly update and refine their services to stay competitive. Here are the key features to look for when choosing the best logistics company in Australia:

1) Serviceability

Serviceability refers to the regions and order volumes a logistics company can handle. For a vast e-commerce region like Australia, serviceability is crucial for establishing and expanding your business.

2) Warehousing

Warehousing is essential for logistics services. Modern facilities with temperature control and inventory management systems are vital for maintaining product quality.

3) Transport and Technology

Logistics services should use modern technology and well-maintained vehicles. Specialized packaging and transportation for unique commodities are also important.

4) Packaging and Labeling

Adequate packaging and accurate labeling prevent damage and ensure smooth logistics operations. Look for companies offering custom packaging solutions.

5) Shipping Costs

Shipping costs impact profit margins. Negotiating cost-effective shipping plans with logistics companies can benefit your business.

6) Order Tracking

Order tracking enhances customer experience by providing real-time visibility of the shipping process. It helps customers prepare for deliveries and manage returns and exchanges.

7) Delivery Services

Delivery is the final step in order fulfillment. Express, same-day, next-day, door-to-door, and hyperlocal deliveries are now industry standards.

8) Reverse Logistics

Managing product returns and exchanges attracts customers. Efficient reverse logistics ensure smooth operations and cost management.

9) Security and Quality Checks

Security and quality checks during transit and warehousing maintain customer confidence and protect fragile and expensive goods.

10) International Shipping

Handling international shipments requires expertise in customs clearance and taxes. Simplifying this process for customers is essential for successful global shipping.

11) RTOs Management

Return to origin (RTO) can negatively impact order fulfillment. Logistics companies must find solutions to minimize RTO percentages and maintain a strong reputation.

12) Insurance Policy

Comprehensive insurance policies protect against losses from damaged or lost shipments, providing peace of mind for customers and businesses.

13) Customer Service

Good customer service and after-sales support elevate logistics operations, empowering customers to manage purchases and initiate reverse logistics smoothly.

14) Company History and Order Fulfillment Consistency

A consistent and long-standing logistics company with a high success rate in order fulfillment is crucial for reliable service and customer satisfaction.


Australia's e-commerce market is booming, driven by the spending power and social media presence of a diverse consumer population. Partnering with the best logistics company in Australia can help your business capitalize on this growth and achieve its potential. This article highlights the essential features of innovative and high-functioning eCommerce logistics companies in Australia, guiding you in choosing the right partner for your needs.

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