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July 1, 2024, 4:23 p.m.

9 Best Notary Public Service Firms in Singapore

It is always a challenge to establish the correct legal requirements that has to be followed in order to ensure the authentication and certification of documents. These services in Singapore are provided by a notary public whereby you are assured that your documents have met legal requirements of the Singaporean law as well as the international law. When it comes to Singapore best notary public service firms, there are many but the best is Prasanna Devi.    

1.    Prasanna Devi Notary Public- Excellence in Legal Documentation

People have acknowledged Prasanna Devi as the most efficient notary public in Singapore because of her commitment to high professionalism and desire to satisfy clients. Highly experienced in the legal profession, she offers legal services such as notary public services, which involves certification of documents, witnessing of signatures, and administering of oaths. 

Services Offered

·         Certification of legal documents
·         Witnessing signatures
·         Administering oaths and affirmations
·         Preparing notarial certificates
·         Legalization of documents

Why Choose Prasanna Devi? 

Most notaries have standard quality service delivery but what made Prasanna Devi unique was her dedication to the delivery of excellent service as well as the tailored services specific to each client. The good knowledge of local and International legal requirements makes her to well notarize all documents to meet the set laws.

2.    Sim Mong Teck and Company- Trusted Legal Expertise

Sim Mong Teck & Partners is one of the best law firms located with a wide list of notary public in Singapore. Their experienced team of notaries gives their clients very professional services, and makes use of the relevant expertise to handle all papers properly and quickly.


·         Affidavits and statutory declarations gazette
·         Certification of true copies of document
·         Legalization of documents for use in foreign countries
·         Sightings and certification of the signatures

Why Engage Our Law Firm?

It is therefore evident that for notarial services in Singapore, people refer to Sim Mong Teck & Partners because of the firm’s reliability and professionalism. Their understanding of the legal processes guarantees the clients exceptional service delivery.

3.    RHTLaw Asia LLP- Comprehensive Legal Solutions

RHTLaw Asia LLP offers a full suite of legal services, including notary public services. Their team of skilled notaries is equipped to handle a wide range of notarial needs, providing clients with accurate and timely documentation services.

Why Choose RHTLaw Asia LLP?

RHTLaw Asia LLP is known for its dedication to client satisfaction and its ability to provide comprehensive legal solutions.

4.    Tan Lee & Partners: Reliable and Efficient Service

Tan Lee & Partners is among the most reputable law firms that offer credible list of notary public in Singapore. Their team of notaries is experienced and poised at providing effective and credible services with concern to clients’ demands.


·         Notarization of legal documents
·         Certification of true copies
·         Signing or witnessing of the signatures
·         Administering oaths and affirmations

Why Tan Lee & Partners?

Clients work with Tan Lee & Partners because it is an efficient and accurate firm. They have professional notaries who understand the legal formalities of documents to be notarized and stick to local and international legal procedures.

5.    Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP- Leading Legal Professionals

Singapore has a number of excellent law firms of which Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP is one of the premier law firms for notary public services. Employing a team of highly skilled notaries they deliver fast and quality services in dealing with any documents.

Why Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP?

Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP has been acknowledged for its professionalism and expertise in notary public services. Their notaries are committed to their duties of ensuring that the documentation services are accurate and prompt.

6.    Shook Lin & Bok LLP- Comprehensive Legal Solutions

The firm provides a comprehensive legal service delivery that encompasses legal advice, representation and notary public services. This is comprised of a team of professional notaries capable of fulfilling different notarial services required by the clients.

Why Shook Lin & Bok LLP?

Shook Lin & Bok LLP has been reputed for its commitment in ensuring that its customers get value for their money and ensuring they get all round solutions. Notaries of their make sure that all documents contain all legal requirements that are required.

7.    Drew & Napier LLC- Experienced Legal Professionals

Drew & Napier LLC is a renowned law firm in Singapore offering top-quality notary public services. Their team of experienced notaries provides clients with reliable and accurate service, ensuring that all documents are properly notarized.


·         Notarization of legal documents
·         Certification of true copies
·         Recording of the performance of documents
·         Administering oaths and affirmations

Why Choose the Drew & Napier LLC?

People go to Drew & Napier LLC for notary public services due to professionalism of services being offered. Their notaries keep themselves well abreast of legal matters; therefore, the documents they authenticate meet all legal criteria.

8.    Wong Partnership LLP- Trusted Legal Services

Wong Partnership LLP is a prominent law firm in Singapore providing efficient notary public services. They have a pool of experienced notaries in their team one of whom is well equipped to serve clients’ needs in the provision and preparation of proper legal documents.

Why Choose Wong Partnership LLP?

Wong Partnership LLP has built its reputation on highly professional customer-oriented services and company’s guarantee. To uphold the legal requirements of the documents that are to be drafted or sealed, their notaries are very particular.

9.    Lee & Lee- Comprehensive Notary Services

Lee & Lee is a famous law company located in Singapore providing extensive notary public services. Their team comprises of professional notaries knowledgeable in the legal requirements that are vital towards executing various documents.


·         Notarization of legal documents
·         Certification of true copies
·         Sighting of the execution documents
·         Administering oaths and affirmations

Why Choose Lee & Lee?

These clients opt to seek the services of Lee & Lee due to the professionalism as well as proficiency in specialties of notary public. Their notaries are well-acquainted of legal procedures of conveyancing and all papers are authenticated that it complies all the legalities.


These nine notary public service firms in Singapore provide services from licensed notary publics thus providing you with professional services in handling your legal documents. Prasanna Devi is the best because they offer the best notary public service coupled with an added touch of friendliness. For whatever notarial service you may require, these firms are able to offer those services with the highest levels of professionalism that clients expect.

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