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June 18, 2024, 4:26 p.m.

Top Photography Places in Singapore

The spirit of unique moments is captured through photography. Singapore with its modern setting and cultural heritage has many beautiful photographic places. Every place has its characteristics and features that enhance the specific occasion and make it special. Selecting the ideal location for photography can help to boost the whole experience.

Are you searching for photoshoot locations in Singapore? In this blog, we’ll highlight some top spots in Singapore that are perfect for photography. We have compiled a thorough list of the best places for photo and video shooting in Singapore. We have photographed all of these spots and highly recommend them.

1. Gardens by the Bay: A Blend of Nature and Modern Architecture

Gardens by the Bay offers great scenery for event photographs in Singapore. It spans over 101 hectares and combines natural landscapes with modern designs. Many locations of the park can be used for a perfect photo shoot.

Iconic Spots: Supertree Grove, Cloud Forest, Flower Dome

The Supertree Grove has received much attention as one of the main photo spots in Gardens by the Bay. The large structures covered with plants give the impression of a sci-fi setting yet the surrounding feels very organic. Cloud Forest and Flower Dome are also favorites. They contain tropical and other unique plants and flowers from different regions of the world and give a splendid and bright look. The best time to shoot is during the golden hour, just before sunset.

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Phone: +65 6420 6848
Opening Hours: 9 am – 9 pm

2. Keong Saik Road: A Street Rich in History and Culture

Keong Saik Road is a remarkable example of modern and historical fusion. It has become a dynamic place marked by great shophouses and other contemporary facilities. This mix makes it an ideal place for photography, and this explains why many people choose this place for this particular type of photo shoot.

Key Photography Spots: Heritage Shophouses, Trendy Cafes, and Bars

The major attraction of Keong Saik Road is the collection of historic shophouses. The architectural designs of these buildings are multi-colored and complex to create perfect backdrops for shooting beautiful pictures. The pictures have a contemporary feel because of the hip cafés and bars along the street. The blend of the modern and the ancient offers a variety of alternatives for all kinds of events. Keong Saik Road is best for photography in the early morning or late afternoon.

Address: Outram Planning Area, Chinatown
Opening Hours: 24 Hours    

3. Marina Bay Sands: Capturing the Iconic Skyline

Marina Bay Sands is considered a travel icon in Singapore. It has an extraordinary design and offers a beautiful view of the sea, so it can be very gorgeous for photography. Several areas can be chosen to create beautiful and photogenic scenes for any function.

Popular Photography Locations: SkyPark Observation Deck, Light and Water Show

The SkyPark Observation Deck remains one of the best places for photographers. Here you can get eye-catching views of the city and Marina Bay. Spectra – the nightly light and water show adds a new layer of excitement. A mystical ambiance is created by the brilliant lights and reflections in the lake. The blue hour, just after sunset, is an ideal time for photography.

Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018971
Phone: +65 6688 8868
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

4. Peranakan Houses at Joo Chiat: Vibrant Heritage Shophouses

The Peranakan house at Joo Chiat indeed symbolizes Singapore’s history and culture. These brightly painted buildings and detailed decorative work make for a lively and visually stunning setting for events such as weddings. It is mesmerizing to appreciate their design and marvel at the history behind them. if you are searching for photography places in Singapore then this could be an ideal choice.

Photogenic Details: Colourful Facades and Intricate Designs

These shophouses are very appealing because of their elaborate decorations and vibrant appearance. They provide a distinct look that is different from contemporary building designs. Photographers can capture spectacular and distinctive event pictures by paying attention to these factors. To capture the beauty of the Peranakan houses, shoot during the early morning or late afternoon.

Address: 287 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427540
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

5. Haji Lane: A Hipster Haven with Vibrant Street Art

Haji Lane is full of colorful street art and is considered to be having a bohemian atmosphere. This street with a lot of small independent shops and unique coffee places offers a cheerful and colourful environment for photographs. The street art and mural work give a touch of artistic and modern appearance to any occasion.

Highlighting the Best Murals and Quirky Shops

The murals found in Haji Lane are vibrant; they all vary with different themes that represent different stories. They provide a rich tapestry of backgrounds for event photos. The quirky shops and cafes also add character to the location, offering unique spots for capturing fun and informal moments. As for shooting conditions, the best time is early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Address: Near Bugis MRT
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

6. Colourful Wall Murals at 105 East Coast Road: Artistic Expression in Joo Chiat

The colourful murals at 105 East Coast Road are another fantastic place for event photography. These murals are bright in colour and unique in design and make the place more artistic. They are ideal for taking colourful and dynamic pictures of events.

Specific Murals and Their Stories

The murals seen at 105 East Coast Road have their background and meaning. Photographers can use these stories to complement their photography and bring more meaning into the picture. Presenting important details and focuses of these murals can enhance and improve the photos so that they would be more pleasing to the eyes. For the best results, photograph the murals during the early morning or late afternoon when the light is soft and diffused.

Address: 105 East Coast Road, Singapore
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

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