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April 20, 2024, 3:23 a.m.

Unveiling Innovation: A Journey Through the Ventures of Christopher Coode

Welcome to an exclusive glimpse into the visionary world of Christopher Coode, where innovation meets purpose-driven entrepreneurship. In this interview article, we embark on a journey with Christopher as he shares his remarkable life story, from his nomadic upbringing to his pioneering ventures in venture capital.

Join us as we delve into Christopher's early years, his educational odyssey, and the formative experiences that have shaped his worldview. Discover the driving forces behind his entrepreneurial spirit and his unwavering commitment to creating positive change in the world.

Explore Christopher's thriving businesses, Hutchison Lea ConneXions Inc (HLC) and Hutchison Lea Executive Search (HLES), and learn how he's leveraging his global network to connect with innovative companies seeking capital infusion.

Get ready to be inspired by Christopher's vision for a brighter future, where profitability and social responsibility intersect to drive meaningful impact. Join us on this enlightening journey as we uncover the insights and innovations that define Christopher Coode's pioneering approach to venture capital.

Early Life and Education Journey

Tell us something about you, your early life, and your education

I was born in Vancouver in the year of 1968, yes that was shortly after the dinosaurs roamed the earth.  I then went across the continent of North America from Vancouver, BC to Neptune New Jersey.  I lived there for about four years then my family and I moved to Colorado where I lived for about another four years.  I then went to Ireland for about six months.  Then I moved to Saskatoon to finish my high school years.  After that I moved back to Vancouver, two motivations were driving my Vancouver destination:  the first being going to UBC where I attended first-year sciences, and the second was the desire to be close to my maternal Grandparents.  

My grandparents were always a very important piece of my life.  My Grandfather’s name is Thomas Hutchison McClelland and he worked for a company called Placer Development Corporation. He began his work in the country of Columbia where he built gold dredges.  After that, he was promoted and quickly rose through the ranks until he became the President then the CEO and finally the Chairman of the Board of Placer, which was during his tenure arguably the biggest mining company in the world with annual revenues reaching close to the billion dollar mark and producing hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold annually.  If you want to know more about him then see my web page HUTCHISON | Hutchison Lea ConXns (

After my first year at UBC, I decided to switch majors and finished my degree majoring in Philosophy at the University of Victoria.  My education played a pivotal part in where I am now.  It taught me that the more focused you are on one area and the more you learn about one area the less you realize you know.  That was back in the early 90s, so I can only imagine how much more information has been added to the base of information that we all learn from.

Exploring Hutchison Lea ConneXions Inc (HLC)

Tell us about the business and its presence in the target market

I currently own and operate two fully functioning businesses.  The first is Hutchison Lea ConneXions Inc (HLC) and the second is Hutchison Lea Executive Search (HLES). My main focus is HLC with HLES being something that I use to complement the services that I offer some of my clients.  HLC is currently a global Venture Capital firm that has had the advantage of aligning itself with some of the best and brightest young companies that are seeking capital.  I currently have or am in the process of adding Associates in the countries of Africa, India (2), China, and a handful based in North America.  

We have a tried-and-true due diligence method of both mitigating the risk, while our process also seeks to maximize revenue for our capital providers.  You see, HLC is all about making connections across the globe.  It is an extension of what I have been doing for most of my adult life.  We only exclude countries from consideration that aren’t able to do business within the USA/ Canada and the EU/ Saudi Arabia.  I have a global reach and am seeking to improve upon this.  We are presently aligned with a capital provider based in Dubai and one in the USA with plans to add more.

Growth and Expansion Plans

What are some of the growth and expansion plans you have in your pipeline?

Here is a list of some of the exciting new projects that I am seeking funding for.  Please note that this is just a partial list of some of the most fully vetted projects that I am personally working on.

The first is an almost fully vetted company that is evolving its B2B revenue model.  They are poised for growth as is illustrated by their pitch book, which is quite good.  They have never missed or been late on a debt payment in all their years of doing business.  Also as you may know the retail market is losing double digits billions of dollars in retail theft in the US. And many states are not willing to prosecute thefts up to 400.00 Why Shoplifting Is Now De Facto Legal In California |, in California, there are some Counties that aren't even willing to prosecute thefts under 1,500.00.  Meaning that people know that if they steal whatever their State/ County dictates they know that they aren't going to be prosecuted.  This company is currently speaking with potential clients across the globe about this issue. They are ideally positioned for explosive growth.

The second project that I am working on is with a clothing manufacturer whose main client is Wal-Mart.  I had a virtual tour of their warehouse yesterday and the setup is quite efficient.  However, the owner has plans for expansion and has a need for new warehouse space.  They are one of the few manufacturers based in the US that can compete in the US marketplace.  They do everything from the sourcing of the fabrics to the lining up of the fabric on a cutting table and then sewing it together.  Their current daily output is upwards of 6,000 with a weekly output of about 25,000-30,000 units. The Owner sent me several articles about how they have been mentioned and how Wal-Mart is committed to working with them.  They currently have a ten-year contract with Wal-Mart.  They are a subcontractor of an almost billion-dollar company which is based out of the Middle East.

The third and most exciting in many areas is a data processing self-powering facility.  I had coffee with the CEO of the brains of the company last Friday, and we really took a deep dive into the premise and he helped me understand some of the more technical aspects of this world-changing project.  The premise is this.  He has a tank filled with dielectric that is the size of a typical desk.    The tank is also filled with PCBs which are customs designed to hold a high concentration of CPUs and or GPUS.  The purpose of having the PCB so close together is to generate a concentrated amount of heat.  

This heat is then collected and can be repurposed into municipal or building trim heat or stored in a geothermal sink.  His initial PoC is about 85% done and there are many variables that must be just right in order for this to work.  It is certainly is a better option than using nuclear energy, which I recently read that a data service provider is considering.  If you think about it, the energy that he can create from a desk-sized unit is about 1 MW.  If you have a room full of these desk-sized objects then the power output can be much higher and can also be utilized as the project evolves, to power other entities

Yes, this last project has the potential to be a world changer.  The amount of data consumed by Canada in 2023 was 41 Petaflops or 41 billion Gigabytes and in the US their number is over 3,000 Petaflops of 3 trillion Gigabytes.  This number is only going to rise with the advent of increased data being required by things like AI and the virtual world.
I will be holding a general presentation on a weekly basis expanding on some of the very exciting projects that I am working on. You can join the meeting by going here.  I encourage all people who are concerned about the future of energy and what other options that are to attend.

Company Performance and Progress

How has the year been for your company?

This year has been absolutely crazy.  At first, I began this business as something that was going to be a bit of a sideline to HLES, but in a very short time, I realized that the realm of Venture Capital and I were a perfect fit in so many different ways.  The universe has a way of aligning itself with the absolute best people, places, and things, most of which are beyond my comprehension as to how and why it does this.  I am however putting in as much work as I possibly can into making sure that the universe has made a wise investment in myself and with HLC.


Offerings in the Current Market

What does your business offer in the current competitive market? 

We offer some of the lowest rates of interest for Venture Capital funding and also some of the best and brightest companies that are seeking funding.  I am going to get into a little bit about one of the most exciting companies that I am dealing with.  It’s a firm whose Founder I met with recently.  He has a global vision to harness how power-hungry data centers not only use up power but also be able to produce the volume of Megawatts of power output. When successful it will change the face of not only how data centers operate, but also how they are able to give back by not only consuming power but being able to output it as well.

This is one of the key types of projects that I have as a mandate for all of my Associates to find.  That being that HLC will only consider projects that are doing something good for the planet.  I have a deep foundation and belief that each and every person must do whatever is in their personal power to make this little green thing that billions of us live in a better place.  And since I am in the position to be able to do this I am exploiting this particular aspect of business development as much as I am able to.

Strategies for Effective Teamwork and Unity

What measures do you think employees and organizations can take to build effective teamwork and unity?

The first thing that organizations must stop doing is to treat everyone they work in alignment with as employees.  An employee is always denoted as being a number.  If you care to do so then look up the definition of what an employee is.  It is always denoted as being merely a number and that kind of thinking, to me, has got to change if the world is to change.  Every person every company works in alignment with comes to the table with their own unique set of decades of life on this planet, which has brought them to the place that they are at now.  The universe has brought them to the place they are at for a reason, and we must, if we are to change this anonymizing of people, also change the language that does the opposite of celebrating the massive diversity that each person brings to the table.

At HLC I don’t have one single employee who works for me, rather I have people who work in association with us.  It is this kind of not only thinking but also action that must be done by people who make the decisions at the highest levels to effect the required change.  It may seem like a very minor thing, but this kind of anonymization starts with the smallest things.  Every time the word employee is listed on a contract that you sign you are devaluing what that person brings to the table.  If you look at any one of the many contracts that I have been a part of constructing in recent months you will never find the word employee.


Company Focus on Research and Innovation

Tell us about the company’s focus and investment in people and what has prepared you for this

Our core focus is seeking companies that are doing something good for the planet.  It all begins with the first interview that I have with any one of the Associates that I am working with.  If there is something that I see in the person that tells me, yes this person has the goods not only to find some of the best companies to invest in, but also has the ability to find companies which have a mandate of doing something good for the planet.

Of course, this person must also have demonstrated superior ability to both manage projects and also have the ability to know when to push and when not to.  Along with a strong financial analysis ability.  I have a strong policy of not interfering with any of the projects that any of my Associates are working on.  I do this intentionally for several reasons.  Firstly, being that I have highly limited time, and the more Associates I add the less time I will have to oversee what all of my Associates are doing.  I have a highly skilled background in selecting people at the highest level which means that since I have been doing hiring for myself this comes as second nature.  It’s not something that I have to think about, it just flows. Of course, I must also practice my own due diligence and I always check references and this is something that I do personally.

My professional career has led me to do this as a second nature as I have been doing senior-level staffing for about the past 22 years.  Staffing is also something that I am adding as a value-added aspect of all the projects that I am in the process of funding.

I find references are a vital part of any hiring process and I have also learned a long time ago that references not only give you the third-party support that you require for a successful hire but also provide you insight into what areas you can capitalize on to make the person an absolutely massive success.

Insights and Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Any tips for startups looking to get onto a similar pathway?

Yikes, that's quite a loaded question to which I will reply as candidly as I can.  To anyone who is seeking to enter the world of Venture Capital.  I would, after getting to know some of the dynamics that are in play, tell them to find another industry to enter.  The amount of time I spend daily not only finding the right person to do the right thing is exhausting.  Also, the arena of VC funding has got to be one of the hardest industries I have ever had the pleasure of knowing about.  I have dealt with just about every industry with my company HLES or its former incarnation HLS. 

And the amount of time I have spent just to be able to get conversant with not only local (Canadian) policy but also a global policy with a deep dive into things like the FATF (Financial Action Task Force), which is a global organization whose mandate is to ensure that no money laundering is taking place with the allocation of capital. And to complicate things even further each country has its own incarnation of the FATF, which one must be conversant with if you are to either move capital from or into.

It has been the most rewarding aspect of my career I have ever been in.  I am in a place to be able to effect positive change.  I have some of the most exciting projects that I am working hard to find funding for.  Each one of them has its own unique properties but everyone is bound by the common bond that they are doing something that is making the world a better place.  A recap of the three projects that I listed above is the first project that I mentioned is trying to reduce the amount of loss that all retailers globally are facing.  The second one is a one-stop shop for all the production of garments, and it is based in North America.  The CEO of this firm has the ability to not only compete with markets overseas but consistently come out ahead of them.  Both in quality and cost.  The third has the ability to not only change the way the world processes data, but also has the ability to produce self-powering data centers.

Christopher Coode's journey from his nomadic upbringing to his pioneering ventures in venture capital is a testament to the power of innovation and purpose-driven entrepreneurship. His story reflects a deep-rooted commitment to creating positive change in the world, fueled by his unwavering dedication to finding and supporting companies that make a difference.

As we've explored Christopher's early life, educational journey, and the evolution of his businesses, it's evident that his global perspective and passion for connectivity have been instrumental in shaping his success. From Hutchison Lea ConneXions Inc (HLC) to Hutchison Lea Executive Search (HLES), Christopher's ventures are not just about financial gain but about fostering meaningful connections and driving impactful change on a global scale.

Looking ahead, Christopher's growth and expansion plans reflect his commitment to nurturing innovative projects that address pressing global challenges. Whether it's supporting companies revolutionizing retail security, empowering sustainable garment manufacturing, or pioneering self-powering data facilities, Christopher's vision for a brighter future shines through in every endeavor.

In a world where effective teamwork and unity are paramount, Christopher's approach to collaboration resonates deeply. By valuing every individual's unique contribution and fostering a culture of partnership, he embodies the spirit of inclusive entrepreneurship.

For aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to follow a similar path, Christopher's candid insights serve as both inspiration and guidance. While the journey may be challenging, his unwavering belief in the power of positive change and his commitment to making a difference stand as beacons of hope.

To connect with Christopher Coode and learn more about his ventures, visit his LinkedIn profile and explore his website for further details. Join us in celebrating Christopher's visionary leadership and his relentless pursuit of a better world through innovation and purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

You can visit Christopher Coode by going to his linkedIn profile.

And remember that if you want to learn more about some of these exciting projects then get your seat at the presentation that I will be giving next Wednesday April the 24th at 8am.

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