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May 3, 2024, 2:16 a.m.

Unveiling the Quantum Revolution: An Interview with Dr. Keryn Johnson

Welcome to AllAroundWorlds.com, where we shine a spotlight on remarkable individuals making waves in their respective fields. Today, we have the privilege of introducing Dr. Keryn Johnson, a visionary scientist pushing the boundaries of quantum biology and regenerative medicine.

In our exclusive interview, Dr. Johnson shares insights into his fascinating journey, beginning with his childhood in the scenic landscapes of New Zealand. From catching frogs in the countryside to pondering the mysteries of nature, his early experiences laid the foundation for a lifelong fascination with the natural world.

Dr. Johnson's path took a turn after a personal tragedy, leading him to develop a unique perspective on science and healing. His company, Quantum Technologies Ltd, stands at the forefront of a revolutionary approach to understanding biology—one that integrates quantum physics and cosmology to unlock the secrets of life itself.
In our conversation, Dr. Johnson delves into the core principles of his research, exploring how his platform technology transcends conventional models to reveal the intricate dance of the universe. From empowering healing regenerative medicine to harnessing the power of negative time dilation, Quantum Technologies offers a glimpse into a future where science fiction becomes reality.

But Dr. Johnson's vision extends beyond scientific innovation. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration and unity, both within his organization and the broader scientific community. Through open communication and a shared vision, he believes we can achieve remarkable feats in research and development.

For startups aspiring to follow a similar path, Dr. Johnson offers invaluable advice: find your guiding star and pursue it with unwavering determination. Embrace the unknown, test the market, and never shy away from challenges. In the words of Dr. Johnson, "The future is now, and if you are not grabbing it with both hands, you are not in control of your life and your decisions."

Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery with Dr. Keryn Johnson, a true pioneer in the quest to unravel the mysteries of the universe and transform the landscape of medicine as we know it.

A Glimpse into Dr. Keryn Johnson's Journey

Tell us something about you, your early life and education.

I love to dance. My early childhood was in a small town in the South Island of New Zealand. Connected to nature. Catching frogs at the sawmill in the weekend as Dad worked and bringing them home to live in the Toetoe in the backyard by the swimming pool. I remember a time when a swarm of bees travelled over from the trees near our house, next to the golf course in Temuka, and they landed in a tree in our backyard. It looked like leaves falling from the trees in an autumn breeze being blown across in the wind. The trees hiding the true nature of things as the swarm made its way onto our property.
We quickly had to run inside and close all the windows and doors. Lots of screaming and shouting and excitement. There were other encounters with these little beauties later in life. You could say a lot of my childhood in New Zealand was connected to nature. Dad doing home kill at my uncle’s place where we had a few sheep, and me there collecting the organs from the interior whilst my father dry reached. It is funny to think my training as a scientist started as a child. I found an affinity to natural systems, and it was my go-to for comfort and education at a level that was strange and mystical.

As a child I would ask nature questions and have my questions answered. I thought that was normal. I would thank the ivy plant for capturing the golf ball for me to find on my way to school as I walked among the trees and pick violets on my way home, as well as eat the wild strawberries that grew in certain nooks and crannies. My formal education was normal up until age 11, and then the loss of my mother happened, and my world changed. The trauma induced psoriatic arthritis in my hips and knees, and I took six months off school taking pain killers and watching soap operas whilst lying on the sofa. The school of hard knocks is also a great teacher. A teacher of resilience and strength and self-reliance. You educate yourself otherwise you are subject to other people’s cognitive abilities. If you are reliant on them then you best surround yourself with people who know what they are doing as your life depends on it.

Business Overview and Target Markets

Tell us about the business and its presence in the target market.

Quantum Technologies Ltd is a quantum biology regenerative medicine company. It is more than that. It is a platform technology that underpins a new biological understanding that unlocks temporal features of the universe in terms of single atom physics. What are the target markets. The technology platform is transformative. Our current physics model describes 5% of the universe based on the ideas of solid matter physics and materialism.This is a limited perspective that has taken us so far.

The ideas of reductionism and its application to human biology is like chalk and cheese compared to the model that I have developed that shows more than just the mundane. To step over the threshold from materialism into realism is to let go of measurement and start to see its flaws and the reasons why it cannot be used to describe the other 95% of the universe. I wanted a biology model that included time to describe the features of the unconscious mind and the role that light plays in vision without having to use the ideas of solid matter physics because light has no mass and no charge.

The markets are many but include health and wellbeing. They include energy and transportation. One must first comprehend the universe through baryonic symmetry to understand the ideas of asymmetry created through measurement and learn how to see things that are no longer here and cannot be measured. It is a function of the process leading to seeing things that are here in this moment. It is an exploration of the logic behind biology from the perspective of a new atomic theory.

An atomic theory that connects biology to cosmology. Finding this fundamental framework to explore the universe by observing both the future and the past rather than the current moment is causing confusion in many scientific fields. Yet, the existing models are failing to describe features of the universe that we cannot measure. The use of logic without the need for measurement is something that appears to be well grounded as it corrects for the errors generated that are introduced through the process of measurement. Measurement has created an artefact.

A persistent artefact as a function of how the mind sees things in the past through a lens that is not physical in nature. This gets to the heart of the measurement paradox of quantum mechanics. Moving from uncertainty to certainty appears to be something that offers a feasible solution to traverse 13.82 billion years of time and have a model that can predict the composition of the universe today. The application of these ideas is universal. What markets would not want to understand the future and how our human journey unfolds before our eyes. Having such information revealed to you is profound and connect one’s life into a soap opera that is played out on a public stage for all the world to see.

Growth and Expansion Plans

What are some of the growth and expansion plans you have in your pipeline?
Quantum Technologies Ltd is looking at international distribution channels for the OH BEE HAVE empowering healing regenerative medicine apitherapy (RADIANCE skin serum for making the world a more beautiful place) and NANOS giving the mind its superpowers, a cognitive nootropic product developed to unlock time for people and give them prophetic vision of their own future. The technology is in market, and I am currently looking at ways to commercialise the technology into multiple healthcare verticals through a series of licensing opportunities that are growing exponentially.

The other markets including in the energy sector include generation at point of source by using cosmic inflationary systems and modulation of gravity using the ability to harness the power of negative time dilation. Most people think that light is the fastest thing in the universe but it appears to me at least that the model I have developed offers an alternative explanation for the origin of light within the human mind, involved in vision, and memory formation and memory recall, if we use the approach that biology has developed and evolved over 13.82 billion years then we will have a better chance of developing sustainable systems that are naturally part of the cosmic dance that has resulted in the universe that we have just started to explore using the features of scientific investigation, which is restricted to using photonic systems that arose after 1.1991888E+13 seconds after the beginning.

Quantum Technologies is looking for international collaboration partners and investment partners to capitalise on the developed of a new science model that offers insight into the biological system that are self-healing without waste and utilize energy in such a way that is remarkable. A new understanding of evolution and our ability to evolve technologies using the principals performed by the universe. Our team is small which means we have been able to navigate the complexities of large systems nimbly.

The emergence of a singularity physics model offering solutions to the current unknowns will require considerable effort by those who carry the stick and the carrot to see a brighter future for humanity. Often a technology will only make it into the market once the market is ready for such a technology. The glove and hand must be of the same chirality for the fit to occur. Handedness in biology is not understood, which is an indication of the failure to understand the physics of neutrinos. The silos that have been created must fall before new technologies can emerge to reflect a deeper understanding of the physics of life.

You could say that the technologies I am developing have an educational purpose to them also. To educate the market of the new possibilities and a way forward out of the mess that we have generated to create a system that takes pleasure in harming people, rather than seeing the flaws and making the correction to enable prosperity through a process of reconciliation between self and other.

Company Progress

Company Progress and Challenges

How has the year been for your company?

I am still in the startup phase of the business. We collaborate internationally but the key work is being done here in Wellington, New Zealand. The generation of the Singularity physics model for quantum biological transformation of scientific understanding of human biology.We have made many discoveries recently that provides for a buoyant mood and the opportunities are many.

The question comes down to where to start and how to maximise the opportunity for the economic benefit of humanity and facilitate an educational transition from materialism into post-materialism to correct the error of our ways. Cultivating these into living commercial entities to grow into economic business that can change people’s lives is what the platform technology has the potential to offer.
The interdisciplinary nature of the science is profound as it expands the very big and the very small. We work at both scales to see the starting line. Once the order of service is understood the key processes revealed we can sit down and produce an appetising meal. A banquet. This offers insight into the model and how both big and small when communicated in such a way, in a common language, offers a remarkable set of features as to make things appear by magic to be logical steps in the evolution of time from 4.36E+17 seconds to 4.39E-44 seconds.

Such a massive undertaking takes time and effort to build a model that has in essence all the makings of a theoretical universe that can be modelled from woe to go. Once the model has been completed its likely to be used by many to understand aspects of the universe that we currently cannot comprehend. The so called missing anti-matter and the Hot Big Bang nucleosynthesis models are now coming into question because of the JWST. The more information coming out on the DESI dark energy analysis is aligning beautifully with the model that Quantum Technologies Ltd is developing (He-BEC isotropic singularity framework). A system that generated DE and DM in a way that gives the composition of the universe that we know today.

Despite the difficulties in raising capital, I have managed to develop a stable foundation for the organisation which is looking now to attract further investment into several verticals with large market opportunities on the horizon. A few more hoops to jump through but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Competitive Advantage in the Market

What does your business offer as per the current competitive market?

The universe is a big place. We offer a way of making the universe understandable without unknowns. We appear to be able to make the universe look small and knowable. Our advantage is a fundamental one. We offer competitive advantage to the companies we work with providing a dynamic insight into future technologies that will enable humanity to do things considered to be science fiction and turn them into science fact. There are many organisations out there that have more money and more employees and that are working on models and technologies in human health and wellbeing including frequency healing technologies and monoatomic healing products.

Whatever the drug in the pipeline being developed to treat diseases, unless you comprehend the innate barriers in biological systems operating to maintain quantum coherence you are not able to penetrate the Soul of an individual an connect to their heart to enable them to decide of their own free will, to use a technology that enables a deeper understanding of themselves. Quantum Technologies Ltd.’s approach is to align with our natural biological systems and understand what the natural way is within our bodies that allow us to heal through regeneration systems operating whilst we sleep.

Once this is understood, we can then develop technologies from nature to enable healing at a subatomic level. In this way we can harness our natural healing ability to facilitate a more natural approach to access our innate healing potential. Regenerative and preventative systems appear to be well aligned with an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

I say we need MRS GREN. A biological acronym, without it we cannot have life. This may need to be redefined based on identifying the quantum coherent properties of water generated through the physics of the Holy Spirit. A new holistic understanding of mind, body, Spirit, and Soul offers an approach that is comprehensive. Putting people in touch with all of themselves takes time and space for them to integrate such information and integrate into their life’s journey.

Building Effective Teamwork and Unity

What measures do you think employees and organizations can take to build effective teamwork and unity?

Getting people to understand one another is a big part of being able to walk in each other’s shoes. It is like rotoscoping. The image is taken from all angles from a single time point and then stitched together to see one another’s perspective. Having internal redundancy within an organisation is essential to pick up the slack in areas where more focus is needed in each timeframe and deadline.

We can achieve more working collectively. Just as our bodies work optimally when working in a coherent fashion. If everyone knows the vision and you have buy-in across the board then we can achieve much in terms of creating the systems to facilitate effective teamwork. In biology everything knows its job. It has evolved in such a way as to offer an evolutionary advantage compared its competitors. If you understand the drivers of success and enable people, then you are likely to obtain unity through the formation of environments that have good open and honest communication. Building great teams takes time.

Focus on Research

Focus on Research and Innovation

Tell us about the company’s focus and investment in research and innovation

At present I would say 95% of the time and effort is focused on research and innovation. Why so much. If the current foundations of science offer a model that sees 5% of the universe, then we need to develop the concepts and ideas and language that enables us to see the other 95% of the universe. Seeing something that no one else has observed requires a theoretical basis and from the theory comes the experiment to prove the theory. If you do not have a theory, it is merely guessing at how things work. That appears to be the state of play. Lots of ideas and guess work. Then build the equipment to see if the guess might be right. If it is wrong, you get to the point where you need to integrate the failure into your model.

If people are not highlighting their failures, then we get to repeat them until we learn the correct way of doing things. Our research efforts are both theoretical and practical to test the theory presented. A theory must be robust enough to test. None of this higher dimensional stuff of String theory. I am not interested in looking at mathematics using wavefunction and statistical analysis.

I want to explore the universe using real numbers. It is harder to come up with a deterministic framework than it is to generate a statistical anomaly. The integration of quantum mechanics and general relativity is proving difficult, so I use neither of those approaches. Coming from a biological background I have entered the quantum mechanical and cosmological domains being completely ignorant of both, which places my mind in a state of innocence. I am unencumbered by prior methodologies which gives me ample opportunity to explore without constraint. It is that freedom that has offered me a unique perspective. Building a model that spans 120 orders of magnitude is not something to be taken lightly but it is something worth doing right.

Tips for Startups

Any tips for startups looking to get onto the similar pathway?

If you are heading into the unknown, you will need a guiding star. Have your north star in your sights as this is showing you the way home. It needs to be in an area that you are passionate about. It will rule your life. You will be obsessed by it, to the point of being considered crazy. If that is the case, then you are on the right path. People who change the world are the ones who see things before anyone else. Test the market. Test market fit and understand the direction of the market given all the forces that are operating globally. Talk to people. Share the idea. If you cannot make a big splash in a little pond because it will disturb the existing paradigm then you are playing or fishing in the wrong pond.

The opportunity must be so exciting that your backers stay in your corner when times get tough. There will be others trying to capture the same market and they will not want you to be successful as they are the incumbent. They may be the exist you need in your business or just another competitor. Face up to the difficult challenges and make best use of your time. The future is now and if you are not grabbing it with both hands, you are not in control of your life and your decisions. Take control of the steering wheel.

As we conclude our interview with Dr. Keryn Johnson, it's evident that his passion for understanding the universe's mysteries and harnessing its power for healing knows no bounds. Through Quantum Technologies Ltd, he is spearheading a revolution in quantum biology and regenerative medicine, offering a glimpse into a future where science and spirituality converge.

Dr. Johnson's journey from a small town in New Zealand to the forefront of scientific innovation serves as an inspiration to us all. His unwavering commitment to research, coupled with his vision for a more harmonious world, reminds us of the profound impact individuals can have on shaping the future.

We invite you to connect with Dr. Johnson on LinkedIn to stay updated on his groundbreaking work and join the conversation on the future of science and healing. Together, let's embark on a journey of discovery and transformation.

Thank you for joining us on this enlightening exploration, and remember, the universe holds endless possibilities for those who dare to dream and explore. Connect with Dr. Keryn Johnson on LinkedIn to be part of the quantum revolution.

Find out more at https://www.ohbeehave.co.nz (apitherapy regenerative medicine technology development) and https://www.qbri.org (singularity physics model development and its application to the physics of life). YouTube channel OH BEE HAVE empowering healing (youtube.com). LinkedIn profile (3) Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc | LinkedIn.

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