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April 30, 2024, 7:15 a.m.

An Exclusive Interview with Vijay Singh Bisht, Real Estate Visionary

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Vijay Bisht, a seasoned entrepreneur with expertise in the real estate industry spanning over 14 years. Hailing from the picturesque region of Dev Bhumi Uttarakhand and holding an MBA degree in marketing and finance, Vijay's journey in the world of business has been nothing short of inspiring.

In this interview, Vijay shares insights into his early life, education, and what led him to his current profession. He delves into the dynamics of the real estate market, particularly focusing on catering to Indian NRIs in the Gulf region seeking retirement options with good passive income. With a presence in over 10 countries, Vijay's business aims to match the specific needs of his clientele, providing them with lucrative real estate opportunities.

Amidst a competitive market, Vijay's business stands out by capitalizing on the booming Indian real estate sector, which has witnessed significant growth in recent years. He discusses the plans for future growth and expansion, emphasizing a customer-centric approach and the incorporation of fintech solutions into the market.

Furthermore, Vijay sheds light on the importance of teamwork and unity within organizations, advocating for employee development through regular training and fostering a culture of healthy competition.

With a focus on research and innovation, Vijay's company has evolved into a fintech powerhouse, constantly exploring new avenues to stay ahead in the game. For startups aspiring to tread a similar path, Vijay's advice is simple yet profound: dream big, plan meticulously, and always have a solid Plan A.

Stay tuned for an in-depth exploration of Vijay Singh Bisht entrepreneurial journey and his vision for the future of the real estate industry.

Insights into Vijay's Background    

Can you tell us about yourself, your early life, and your education?

I, Vijay Bisht, come from Uttarakhand, a place revered as Dev Bhumi, or "Land of the Gods." This serene and culturally rich background has shaped my personal and professional values. I hold an MBA in Marketing and Finance, which equipped me with the critical analytical and financial skills necessary for navigating the complex real estate market.

What led you to your current profession or field of expertise?

My career in real estate spans over 14 years, during which I've closely observed and participated in the evolution of the real estate markets in India and the Gulf region. This journey began out of a keen interest in understanding market dynamics and has grown into a deep expertise, enabling me to advise and guide investments in these volatile yet rewarding markets.

Can you provide an overview of the business and its presence in the target market?

Our business focuses on assisting Indian NRIs in the Gulf who are planning their retirement and seeking reliable passive income through real estate investments. We have a strong presence in over 10 countries, tailoring our strategies to meet the specific needs of our clients based on their respective locations. This approach ensures that we effectively match their investment needs with the right opportunities.

As we are present in more than 10 counters and our target market depends on the country wise.

What does your business offer as per the current competitive market?

The Indian real estate sector has seen tremendous growth, especially in the period between 2014 and 2023. During this time, nearly 29.3 lakh units were supplied to the market, with sales just shy of this figure at 28.2 lakh units. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune have been at the center of this surge, benefitting from both infrastructural developments and an influx of investments. Our business leverages this growth by offering specialized knowledge and services tailored to NRIs, distinguishing us in a competitive market and providing our clients with profitable and secure investment opportunities.

If I would say it’s the era of the real estate industry, it will be perfect in the competitive market 

Growth and Expansion

Growth and Expansion in Pipeline

What are some of the growth and expansion plans you have in your pipeline?

I am more focused on my customer satisfaction and coming year planning to add more and more hassle free benefits to the customers. Also planning to add fintec into the market

What measures do you think employees and organizations can take to build effective teamwork and unity?

For an organization's growth, we always have to think for our employees and from time to time their promotions. Every month training for upcoming development.

Always try to make a team work culture where they should have healthy competition.

Company Focus

Company Focus on Research and Innovation

Tell us about the company’s focus and investment in research and innovation

We are now into meta and almost we are Fintec Co. now. Square Yards focuses heavily on research and innovation to drive its growth and stay at the forefront of the real estate and mortgage industry. The company has made significant investments in technology, including data analytics and VR tools, to disrupt traditional marketplaces and enhance the consumer experience. 

Square Yards has also acquired multiple patents in VR/AI domains, indicating a strong commitment to technological advancement. Additionally, the company's expansion into 100+ cities across 9 countries demonstrates its global success and ambition to be a leader in the industry. Overall, Square Yards' focus on research and innovation is evident in its efforts to leverage technology and build integrated platforms to cater to the evolving needs of its customers.

Insights and Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Do you have any tips for startups seeking a similar pathway?

Dream Big, Plan Meticulously: I emphasize the importance of setting ambitious goals while having a well-thought-out plan. Startups should envision their desired outcomes clearly and then meticulously plan each step towards achieving those goals.

Customer-Centric Approach: I prioritize customer satisfaction and tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our target market. For startups in real estate, understanding the diverse requirements of clients, like Indian NRIs seeking retirement options, is crucial for success.

Specialized Knowledge and Services: In a competitive market, we differentiate our startup by offering specialized knowledge and services. My business focuses on providing expertise in real estate investments for NRIs, ensuring secure and profitable opportunities.

Embrace Technology: I incorporate fintech solutions into our business operations to stay ahead of the curve. As the industry evolves, startups need to embrace technological advancements to streamline processes and enhance customer experience.

Teamwork and Unity: I foster a culture of teamwork and unity within our organization. I invest in employee development through regular training and create an environment that encourages healthy competition. A cohesive team is essential for achieving organizational goals and sustaining growth.

Continuous Research and Innovation: I stay abreast of market trends and invest in research and innovation. My company has evolved into a fintech powerhouse by constantly exploring new avenues. Startups should prioritize innovation to remain competitive and address evolving customer needs.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction: I ensure that customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of our business strategy. I plan to add hassle-free benefits for customers and consistently strive to exceed their expectations.

In conclusion, Vijay Bisht’s journey in the real estate industry exemplifies resilience, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From humble beginnings in Uttarakhand to becoming a prominent figure in the Indian real estate market, Vijay's story is one of determination and vision.

As we've learned from this interview, Vijay's focus on customer satisfaction, coupled with his expansion plans and embrace of fintech, positions his business for continued success in an ever-evolving market. His emphasis on teamwork, unity, and continuous learning serves as an inspiration for both established businesses and startups alike.

If Vijay's insights have inspired you and wish to connect with him to explore potential collaborations or simply learn more about his journey, I encourage you to connect with him on LinkedIn. You can find Vijay Bisht’s LinkedIn profile (

Thank you for joining us in this interview, and we look forward to seeing you connect with Vijay Bisht for further discussions and insights into the dynamic world of real estate.

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