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April 3, 2024, 4:44 p.m.

Hussein Salloum's Journey in Pioneering Sustainable Electrical Solutions

Embarking on a journey that began with a degree in electrical engineering from the American University of Beirut in 2003, Hussein Salloum's path has been marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. His early years saw him transition from an estimation engineer to a seasoned professional overseeing factory operations and management in the UAE, culminating in his current role as the executive director at Energypro Electricals

Complementing his engineering background with an MBA in 2016 and ongoing doctoral research in Transformational Leadership in SMEs, Hussein's commitment to personal and professional growth is evident. In response to market shifts towards digitalization and sustainability, he has directed his focus towards developing smart energy systems, water generation, and solar energy solutions. Join us as we delve into Hussein's journey, his vision for Energypro Electricals, and the transformative impact of sustainable electrical solutions on the future of the industry.

Early Life and Education

Can you tell us something about yourself, your early life, and your education?

Having graduated from the American University of Beirut in 2003 with a degree in electrical engineering, I embarked on a journey that led me to the UAE in 2005. Starting as an estimation engineer, I steadily progressed through the ranks to eventually oversee the factory operations and management at one of the prominent factories in the UAE. Complementing my engineering expertise, I furthered my knowledge by earning an MBA in 2016. 

Currently, I am actively engaged in pursuing my doctorate research in Transformational Leadership in SME, a testament to my commitment to personal and professional growth. Further to Covid pandemics and market shifts towards digitalization and smart cities trends, I have leaned towards developing sustainable solutions, smart energy systems, water generation, and solar energy. Currently I am running an executive director at Energypro Electricals These experiences have shaped me into a versatile leader, equipped with a blend of technical and strategic vision to drive success in the dynamic landscape of renewable and sustainable electrical solutions fields. 

Career Path and Professional Growth

What led you to your current profession or field of expertise?

For the past period post covid, UAE have been increasingly investing in smart and renewable electrical solutions due to several factors such as visions for sustainability, abundant resources for solar, technological innovations, environmental concerns and economic diversification. The combination of these factors has inspired all professionals in this region to tackle the development and implementation of smart and renewable electrical solutions, and as an electrical engineer and business focused in UAE for the last 20 years, I have chosen to adapt with the market shifts and lead on related topics. 

Energypro Electricals

Overview of Energypro Electricals

Can you provide an overview of the business and its presence in the target market?

Energy Pro Electricals was established in late 2020. Following the fast growth of the U.A.E. market, specifically in the smart and digital sector, we have dedicated our resources to provide the services and solutions in those related Industries. We take pride in being a multi-talented and flexible team of electrical experts and apprentices and have cultivated an extraordinary reputation from our customers by delivering cost efficient quality electrical services safely and on time. We position ourselves as a solution provider in the segments of solar energy systems, smart metering, electrical power quality, and energy management systems. We have been keen to offer our customers as end users, contractors, and consultants the latest technologies and best quality products to enhance their electrical network quality and transform their projects assets into smart and energy efficient applications. 

Meeting Market Demands

What does your business offer as per the current competitive market?

We approach the market in an effective and innovative solution that provides them direct and indirect benefits on the short and longer runs. We offer them free demos in terms of simulation as well as live on-site demo to show proof of concepts. In addition, we remain a local entity that brings valuable insights into local market conditions, consumer preferences, and distribution channels. It will allow the overseas manufacturer to tailor its brand positioning, marketing strategies, and product offerings to resonate with the cultural and consumer preferences in the UAE. This can lead to stronger brand recognition and customer loyalty. In addition, we adopt the policy that sharing knowledge with our partners can foster long-term growth, skill development, and localized product innovation.

Growth and Expansion Plans

What are some of the growth and expansion plans you have in your pipeline?

We believe that this market is a blue ocean media due to its limitless opportunities. We have been growing at a pace of 30% year on year since the start. The future of power quality, renewable energy, and smart cities indeed holds immense potential for transformative advancements in the next 5-10 years. Here are some key points highlighting the anticipated developments:

Power Quality and Renewable Energy:

Advanced monitoring and control systems are witnessing widespread adoption, allowing real time management of power quality parameters.

Energy storage technologies are playing a crucial role in conjunction with renewable energy sources, with ongoing technological innovations driving down the costs of renewable energy systems.

Smart Cities and Renewable Energy Integration:

The convergence of power quality, renewable energy, and smart cities industries will be particularly pronounced in Microgrid Development. 

Integrating renewable energy resources into smart city microgrids will boost local energy resilience, by reducing reliance on centralized grids, and enhancing overall power quality in cities.

These developments signify a shift towards more sustainable and efficient energy practices, underscoring the increasing importance of leveraging technology and innovation to create smarter, more resilient urban environments. The synergy between power quality, renewable energy, and smart city initiatives holds the promise of a greener, more sustainable future for our cities.

Company Performance

Company Performance

How has the year been for your company?

Given the positive trends of increasing order bookings and the recruitment of many staff within the company, the year appears to be quite promising and indicative of several key points. The rise in order bookings signals a growing demand for our products or services, reflecting positively on the company's performance and market acceptance. Also, the Increased recruitment of staff suggests expanding the operations or enhancing its capabilities to meet the rising demand and seize new opportunities. While staff recruitment involves initial investment, it also signifies a strategic move towards strengthening the workforce, which can drive future growth and sustainability.

Building Effective Teams

What measures do you think employees and organizations can take to build effective teamwork and unity?

In the fast-evolving organizations today, characterized by the "innovate or die" pattern, digitalization, and distraction, team-based structures have become essential for success. These structures not only demand a focus on individual contribution but also require leaders to consider the team as a whole when it comes to motivation and leadership. Shared Purpose and Vision, Synergy and Collaboration, Empowerment and Autonomy, Continuous Learning and Growth, and Emotional Intelligence and Support form important measures and mindsets that need to be dealt with nowadays by corporations to build effective and unified teams. 

Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

Tell us about the company’s focus and investment in research and innovation.

Our commitment to innovation and research is evident through our collaborative efforts with partners to develop smart and sustainable solutions. The creation of an atmospheric water generator powered by solar energy showcases a pioneering approach towards addressing water scarcity by producing clean and drinkable water in an environmentally friendly manner. This innovative solution not only promotes sustainability but also emphasizes the utilization of renewable energy sources for essential needs. Furthermore, our focus on smart solutions for enhancing electrical networks in ageing buildings demonstrates a forward-thinking mindset aimed at modernizing infrastructure and improving energy efficiency. By investing in cutting-edge technologies and research-driven initiatives, the company is at the forefront of developing practical and impactful solutions that contribute to a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.

Tips for Startups

Any tips for startups looking to get onto a similar pathway?

I can give two simple tips:

1. Build Strategic Partnerships Collaborate with like-minded partners, industry experts, research institutions, or technology providers to leverage your mutual expertise, resources, and networks. 

2. Focus on Sustainability: Embrace sustainability as a core value in your business model. Develop eco-friendly solutions that not only address current market demands but also contribute to environmental conservation and resource efficiency.

In conclusion, Hussein Salloum's story exemplifies the spirit of innovation and adaptability driving the electrical industry towards a sustainable future. His dedication to pioneering smart energy solutions and commitment to research-driven innovation underscores the transformative potential of sustainable practices in shaping the landscape of electrical engineering. As we reflect on his journey with Energypro Electricals, we are inspired by Hussein's vision and leadership in navigating the complexities of the modern market while prioritizing environmental sustainability and technological advancement.

We invite you to connect with Hussein Salloum on LinkedIn to stay updated on his latest endeavors and insights in the field of sustainable electrical solutions. Additionally, visit Energypro Electricals' website to learn more about their innovative offerings and contributions to shaping a greener, more sustainable future. Together, let us continue to drive positive change and embrace sustainable practices for a brighter tomorrow.

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