Bomb Threats
May 1, 2024, 9:48 a.m.

Bomb Threats to 100 Schools in Delhi and Noida: A Full Report

Overview: On the morning of May 1, 2024, panic struck schools across Delhi and Noida as over 100 educational institutions received bomb threats via email. The emails, suggesting imminent danger, led to immediate evacuations and a comprehensive response from police and emergency services. Investigations are underway to trace the origin of these threats and to hold the perpetrators accountable.

The Threats: In the early hours of May 1, emails containing bomb threats were sent to around 100 schools across Delhi and Noida. The messages cited verses from the Quran, adding a religious tone to the threats, and led to an immediate response from schools, parents, and law enforcement.

Schools Affected: Institutions such as Veda Vyasa Fav Public School in Vikas Puri, Mother Mary School in Mayur Vihar, Delhi Public School in Dwarka, Sanskriti School in Chanakyapuri, and several others were among the recipients of these emails.

Police and Emergency Response: Police and bomb disposal teams quickly mobilized, conducting searches in each affected school. The Delhi Fire Services received 60 calls related to the threats, sending fire tenders to all reported locations. All schools were evacuated to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Immediate Actions:

Evacuations: Schools were swiftly evacuated, with students and staff moved to safe locations. Parents were informed through various channels, including direct communication from schools and messages circulated in WhatsApp groups.

Search Operations: Bomb disposal teams, dog squads, and local police thoroughly searched each evacuated school, finding no evidence of bombs or explosives. By midday, several schools reported an "all clear," though investigations continued to ensure complete safety.

Official Responses:

Delhi Police: Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCP) in various districts confirmed the immediate response to the threats. In South and Southwest Delhi, searches and evacuations were conducted, and the origins of the emails were traced to a Russian IP address, possibly via a VPN.

Delhi L-G: Lieutenant Governor V.K. Saxena communicated directly with the Police Commissioner, requesting a detailed report and directing thorough investigations to identify and punish the culprits.

Delhi Minister: Atishi took to social media to reassure parents and the public, emphasizing that all necessary precautions were taken and urging calm.

Parental Reactions:

Anxiety: The sudden threats and subsequent evacuations triggered widespread panic among parents. Schools communicated directly with families, providing updates and tracking information for school buses, which helped to alleviate some concerns.

Small School Challenges: Some smaller schools without buses struggled to manage evacuations efficiently, leading to continued anxiety among parents. Many parents rushed to schools to collect their children directly.

Conclusion: The bomb threats to over 100 schools in Delhi and Noida caused an immediate panic, prompting evacuations and a comprehensive response from law enforcement and emergency services. While initial investigations suggest the threats were hoaxes, the incident highlights the need for heightened security and preparedness in educational institutions.

Delhi Police, alongside government officials and school authorities, have reassured citizens of their continued vigilance. Parents and students are encouraged to remain calm and cooperative, as investigations progress to ensure the safety and security of schools in Delhi and Noida.

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