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Feb. 24, 2024, 5:34 p.m.

Aksa Power Generation's Vision for the GCC Energy Landscape: Okan Kizilirmak

Welcome to AllAroundWorlds.com, where we delve into the diverse landscape of global businesses, showcasing the innovative minds and strategic approaches driving industries forward. In our latest feature, we have the privilege of sitting down with Aksa Power Generation, a pioneering force in the energy sector with a profound impact on the rapidly evolving GCC region.

In this exclusive interview, we unravel the insights behind Aksa's ability to anticipate market shifts, leveraging decades of industry experience to navigate dynamic landscapes with precision. Discover how Aksa educates clients on the significance of quality after-sales support, ensuring long-term reliability and client satisfaction.

Furthermore, we delve into Aksa's pivotal role in contributing to the growth of construction and data center markets in the GCC, exploring strategic initiatives that foster development and innovation. Learn how Aksa utilizes international affiliations to foster collaborations and expand its global footprint in the energy sector.

Moreover, we uncover the measures Aksa takes to ensure reliable electricity distribution across diverse regions, even in the face of challenging climates. Explore how Aksa balances the demand for traditional energy sources with investments in new technologies, staying competitive while ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining a strong global reputation.

Lastly, gain valuable insights and advice from Aksa for aspiring professionals entering the energy industry, as they share words of wisdom garnered from years of experience and success. Join us on a journey through the realms of energy, innovation, and strategic foresight with Aksa Power Generation.

Anticipating Market Shifts:

How does Aksa Power Generation leverage its industry experience to anticipate and prepare for shifts in market dynamics, particularly in the rapidly evolving GCC region?

At Aksa Power Generation, we have served the region through our Regional Head Quarter, Dubai, since 2003. We have managed Middle East and Africa operations from this hub with 7 Aksa Offices and over 150 workforces. During these 2 decades, the Market has had significant changes in GCC. We have adapted to these new dynamics with proper preparations in advance as well as using advantage of deep regional experiences. On the other hand, when we look at the big picture, we can consider the energy demand of the KSA Construction market and Data Centre investments within GCC as the most significant opportunities for this period.”

Educating Clients on After-Sales Support:

What strategies does Aksa employ to educate clients on the importance of quality after-sales support and its impact on long-term reliability?

Regarding stand-by energy demand for the light commercial segment, we have difficulties convincing end users to pay for quality and reliable after-sales support unless they face severe problems with low-cost and unknown suppliers. We are organizing technical trainings and instructive seminars for our distributors, business partners and repeated customers. In addition we try to show our difference with product performance and technical service & spare part supply in long run.

Market Growth

Contributing to Market Growth:

How does Aksa contribute to the growth of the construction and data center markets in the GCC, and what initiatives does it undertake to support their development?

We can definitely consider the energy demand of the KSA Construction market and Data Centre investments within GCC as the most significant opportunities for this period.

Accordingly we recently set up also our rental operation in Jeddah, KSA. In this way, we provide second option for temporarily energy needs of construction sites instead of investing serious capital and keeping maintenance team for their products.

On the other hand, companies need data centers to store and secure large amounts of data globally. For this reason, data centers are critical for businesses. The most important security measure for the safe operation of data centers is that the electrical energy is not interrupted.

Aksa Power Generation has been approved by the Uptime Institute for compliance with TIER III and TIER IV standards in 73 different models produced for data centers. We manufacture 50/60 Hz generator sets with Cummins 450 kVA - 3,125 kVA range, Perkins 1,250 kVA - 2,250 kVA range and Mitsubishi 1,290 - 2,500 kVA range, which are approved to comply with Uptime Institute standards, in accordance with Uptime Institute TIER III and TIER IV standards

Utilizing International Affiliations:

How does Aksa utilize its affiliations to foster international collaborations and expand its global presence in the energy sector?

We believe that knowledge and expertise are essential in business life, but solid networks and sustainable communication are getting much more critical daily after the Internet, AI Technology, and professional consultancy services.

So, I handle some other reputable duties to improve our business connections behalf of Aksa. I am Board Member at Energy Business Council of Turkish Economy Ministry (DEIK) and also at the Turkish Business Council of Dubai Chambers locally. In addition, based on Aksa company culture, as one of the largest global organizations in Turkey, we think that we should support the Turkish Business Community where we come from, especially abroad.”

Electricity Distribution

Ensuring Reliable Electricity Distribution:

What measures does Aksa take to ensure reliable electricity distribution across diverse regions, particularly in challenging climates?

We have gotten used to working under hard conditions and climates since our early years. We combine high-quality equipment and materials with the wide experience of our valuable staffing. Good planning and correct budgeting are also important dynamics for successful results

Balancing Traditional and New Technologies:

How does Aksa balance the demand for traditional energy sources with investments in new technologies to meet evolving market demands?

I need to say the sector is passing through a transition period. Renewable sources are getting more popular daily in GCC countries to reach their decarburization goals. Anyhow, there is still severe demand for fossil fuel-powered energy because of related capex calculations, and that is also a quicker solution to manage this period well; when we keep providing traditional solutions, we also have to prepare for investments with new technologies.

Contributing to Green Hydrogen Investments:

What are Aksa's plans for contributing to green hydrogen investments and supporting the transition to sustainable energy solutions?

Aksa is increasing the RD studies budget for plans like battery storage or hybrid solutions. Besides all existing options, we all monitor the new green hydrogen investments of UAE and KSA with a 260 Billion USD total budget until 2030. These are fascinating developments for the future of the energy sector

Building Strong Local Teams:    

How does Aksa build strong local teams while leveraging global expertise to ensure effective operations and sustainable growth?

We always carry our expertise to the related region with experienced human resources, but we also build up a strong local team with a global business mindset. We keep training local teams continuously for sustainable and efficient operation in the long run.

Aksa is a great family as I joined 19 years ago. This is my first and only professional job. Even though this is the same organization, I have worked in 4 countries, including Turkey, China, USA, and UAE, for many years for various top management duties .Accordingly I have experienced these processes personally at site.

Ensuring Satisfaction

Staying Competitive and Ensuring Satisfaction:

How does Aksa stay competitive in the market while ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining a strong global reputation for quality and reliability?

We build up our regional strategies and make our investment decisions after very detailed market studies and considering different projection scenarios economically & politically. We would like to grow operational-wise by using new technologies as well as expect to reach our financial targets, like all other commercial organizations. Anyhow our main goal is reaching the best possible customer satisfaction and the highest possible reputation for long-term success globally

Advice for Beginners:

What words of wisdom would Aksa offer to aspiring professionals entering the energy industry, particularly those starting their careers?

My first advice is to focus on long-term and sustainable targets regardless of the kind of business. They should take quick but correct decisions based on collected experiences because speed is extremely important in daily business life. They also should develop their global network and communication skills to see the big picture and have a correct evaluation of development opportunities internationally.

Furthermore, we should prioritize continuous learning to stay updated with the latest trends while being associated with daily business matters. Time is a significant asset, and unfortunately, it is minimal; hence, using it more efficiently than competitors will help go a long way.

In conclusion, our conversation with Aksa Power Generation has provided a fascinating glimpse into the intricate workings of the energy industry, particularly within the dynamic landscape of the GCC region. Aksa's strategic foresight, commitment to quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction stand as pillars of strength in an ever-evolving market.

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