Finger-Licking Tempting
May 15, 2024, 9:10 a.m.

6 Finger-Licking Tempting Roasted Chicken in Johor Bahru!

Johor Bahru is a melting pot of culinary greatness, with local eateries dishing up some of the most tantalizing chicken dishes that you will ever come across. More than just meals, these are experiences in taste and tradition: from roasted to fried. The safari across the city's best chicken hawkers, where every bite will narrate a story of taste and craft, awaits.

But when it comes to the chicken, the taste, affordability, and uniqueness of each dish are delicious. Here restaurants are not just selling food but a gateway to the richness in flavours and diversity that goes into local cuisine. Let's look at the creme de la creme of the city's chicken spots.

Treasure Trove: Unique, Affordable, and Tasty Dining Experience

Treasure Trove is more than simply a restaurant; it's a location where culinary delights and reasonable prices coexist together. Here, at Treasure Trove, there are so many different local foods—including the best chicken chop in JB. This unique setup is perfect for the whole family. You can eat first, enjoy your moments, and memories here.

Why a Trove    

Pocket-friendly Dining: The best of both worlds, you can enjoy delicious food at a very reasonable price.
Local flavours: They depict an array of local foods available, although roasted chicken seems a favourite to the people.
Energizing Ambiance: The energetic ambience makes every visit an exciting adventure.

What to Expect

Diverse Culinary Offerings: From traditional foods to new twists, everything is done perfectly.
Best Customer Service: You will experience high-class hosting here, people who visit Treasure Trove always experience friendly and warm customer service apart from mouth-watering dishes.

Visit Them

Address: No. 26, Ground Floor, Jalan Sutera Utama 8/4 Taman Sutera Utama 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia
Contact: 011 6365 6200
Operating Hours: 12 pm – 12 am (Tuesday Closed)

Hutan Bandar: Have the Chicken Chop in a Humble Setting

The standout is the price—RM5 for the chicken chop in Hutan Bandar. The eatery strips down the dining experience. You may savour flavourful chicken chops without needless decorations in this relaxed atmosphere.

Why Hutan Bandar

Unbeatable Price: The chicken chop is not just affordable at RM5; it's a steal.
Pure and Honest: The simple approach ensures that all you recollect is the taste.

What to Expect

Flavours: The chicken is cooked perfectly, and served with fries and a salad, meaning it is a complete dish.
Basic Atmosphere: The ambience is humble, making sure you keep the focus on your meal.

Visit Them

Address: Hutan Bandar Johor Bharu, Jalan Tasek Utara, Taman Bakti
Opening Hours: 5 PM to early morning

JB Chicken Chop: Specialist in Economic Western Foods with Signature Sauces

JB Chicken Chop is everybody's choice for value for money in Western foods, perfect for families. For them, chicken chop is not a dish but a canvas, with the signature sauces that shoot the taste out. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most preferred chicken chop restaurant in JB by people.

Why JB Chicken Chop

Variety: Their menu ranges from fried chicken to fish and even fried rice.
Signature Sauces: Their signature sauces, most especially the sweet baked sauce, are perfect with the chicken.

What to Expect

Family-friendly: A friendly atmosphere makes it great for families.
Rich Flavours: Every chicken bite is flavourful with their thick, juicy sauces; it feels like a party in your mouth.

Visit Them

Address: Jalan Adda 3/1, Adda Heights, 81100

Hung Kitchen: From Fine Dining to Flavourful Chicken Dishes at Affordable Prices

Hung Kitchen is a place where sophistication meets the comfort of home cooking. It's celebrated for bringing high-quality culinary skills to the table without that high price tag. The chef has now become a fine dining professional and has turned to cooking sumptuous dishes of chicken, which are not just delicious but also cost-effective.

Why Hung's Kitchen

Gourmet Cooking: The chef's fine dining experience is self-evident in every dish.
Affordable prices: Try the best meals without hurting your wallet. For instance, one of the best foods there is, chicken risotto, which sells for only RM7!
Diverse Menu: From fried to roasted chicken, each is just perfect.

What to Expect

Tasty Food: Definitely try the Mongolian chicken risotto; the chicken was perfectly grilled, and the sauce was great, super-flavourful, and spicy.
Special Dishes: Apart from the chicken, they also offer special food items such as curry chicken rice and garlic egg fried rice.

Visit Them

Address: 331, Jalan Ahad, Kampung Ungku Mohsin
Contact: 012 – 7664652
Hours: 11 AM - 3 PM (Closed on Sunday)

Lao Pa Sat: Family-Friendly Dining at Chicken Chop Prices That Are Unbelievable

Lao Pa Sat is the brainchild of a few young entrepreneurs and is definitely not just another restaurant. It is a place for families to gather and have their stomachs pampered with really delicious treats at a wallet-friendly price. With just RM5.50, their chicken chop is a sure cracker, and the quality and taste will win anyone over to be a repeat customer.

Why Lao Pa Sat

Cost-effective: Not only is their chicken chop delicious, but it is also affordable.
Family-Oriented: The ambience is very friendly to all age groups, making it an excellent spot for family dinners.
High-Quality Assurance: They always make sure that each product they sell is of the highest quality.

What to Expect

Succulent Flavours: The chicken chop itself is served with fries, salad, and brown sauce that are cooked particularly to flavour the meat.
Warm Ambience: Enjoy Your Meals in A Homely Environment.

Visit Them

Address: 26, Jalan Indah 10/1, Taman Bukit Indah, 81200, JB
Contact: 012-762 2077

Itam Puteh Bistro: Offers Variety of Tasty and Value for Money Chicken Chop

Itam Puteh Bistro can be found at the south end of Ulu Tiram, where a mixture of tastes and prices drives it into a shining, lustrous gem. It features a long list of dishes, but nothing can beat the chicken chop Johor Bahru served here. Priced below RM10, these chicken chops are a testament to the bistro's quality and at the same time value.

Why Itam Puteh Bistro

Very Affordable: The bistro serves fried chicken chop for as low as RM6.50.
Diverse Menu: From fried chicken chop to combinations like chicken chop with fish clam, there's something for everyone.
Welcoming Atmosphere: It is a meeting spot for all kinds of people and is multi-cultural.

What to Expect

Taste and Quality: The chicken served here is extremely juicy and flavourful, with a touch of something homemade that really enhances its appeal.
Service: Amiable staff and prompt service ensure that you have a pleasurable dining experience.

Visit Them

Location: No.17, Jalan Beladau 30, Taman Puteri Wangsa, 81800 Ulu Tiram
Contact: 011-3967 6078

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