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April 22, 2024, 3:23 a.m.

IGNOU Assignment 2024: Submission Last Date, Marks & Status

IGNOU Assignment 2024: The university has extended the last date for submitting IGNOU assignments for all Online, ODL, GOAL, and EVBB-level programmes. IGNOU assignment submission last date is 30 April 2024 for the June Term-end examination. The university accepts assignments for all programmes such as BSc, BCom, BBA, MBA, MCom, MA, MCA, and more to appear in the June TEE 2024.

Students can submit their assignments by visiting the university’s official portal @ignou.ac.in or the nearby regional centre. Assignment submission is mandatory because they carry a 30% mark weightage for the final exam. Students who do not submit assignments cannot appear in the examination hall.

IGNOU Trending Updates:

IGNOU Assignment last date is 30 April 2024 for June Term-end exam 2024. Students submit their assignment before the deadline.

IGNOU has released the Exam Form for June 2024. The last date is 22 April 2024 for IGNOU Exam Form June 2024 without a late fee.

IGNOU has closed the admission and re-registration for all Online/ODL courses the January 2024 session. The last date was 31 March 2024 for IGNOU Admission and re-registration at @ignou.ac.in.

IGNOU Assignment 2024 Key Highlights:

  • Applicable for semester-based and annual certification courses
  • Failure to submit assignments requires rewriting in the next cycle
  • Download assignment question papers from the IGNOU portal
  • Submit offline at regional study centres
  • Or submit online via the Assignment Portal or email regional centres
  • Mandatory cover page with student details for each assignment
  • Match subject codes carefully during online upload
  • Adhere to specified file formats and size guidelines

Assignments are a critical component that summarizes concepts learned and also aids in exam preparation through revision. Students are advised to strictly maintain submission timeliness to progress smoothly. Check the online student portal regularly for the latest 2024 assignment submission guidelines.

30 April 2024 is the last date for the IGNOU assignment submission for the June TEE for all levels of courses. Students must submit their assignments before the given deadline. If they do not submit their assignments, they must wait until the next term to re-submit them.

Assignments at IGNOU play an important role in students’ performance. They not only secure a precious 30% of the 100 marks allocated but also contribute to the chances of students appearing or disappearing in the term-end examination. This means that if students do not submit the assignment on time, they will not be allowed to sit in the examination hall for the upcoming December or June term-end examination session.

Candidates are advised to submit their assignments using Google Forms provided by the IGNOU on its official schedule. The university strictly informs students that it will not accept assignments via email or hard copy. In addition to the assignments, the students have a theoretical term-end examination worth 70% of the credit. Through the assignments and theory, the students improve their academic profile.

One can raise understanding about the IGNOU Assignment 2024 by reading the excellently driven sections of the article next.

  • Last date for submission of assignments?
  • What exactly are IGNOU assignments?
  • How to prepare and submit assignments?
  • What procedure is followed to determine the IGNOU assignment status?
  • Where can I find the IGNOU assignment grades?
  • What if students avoid or fail to submit assignments?
  • IGNOU Assignment 2024

IGNOU Assignment last date 2024 is 30 April 2024 for all offered courses under Online and ODL mode. Students must submit their assignments by visiting the nearby regional centre or official portal @ignou.ac.in. Assignment submission is important because if students do not submit their assignment they will not appear in the examination hall for June TEE 2024. IGNOU assignment carries 30% of marks in the result out of 100.

IGNOU assignment is equal to a theory test for a specific program. The university will update the IGNOU Assignments status in the June 2024 session at @admission.ignou.ac.in. Indira Gandhi National Open University opens an online facility for candidates to check the @ignou.ac.in assignment status. Students can check the IGNOU Assigunments of their projects/assignments using their date of birth, enrollment number, and program code.

Last date of IGNOU assignment submission 2024 is 30 April 2024 to appear in the June TEE. Students are advised to submit their IGNOU assignments on the official regional centre and also by Google form provided on the official portal. Some of IGNOU regional centres accept assignments in hard copies and via email. Check the official announcement regarding the deadline extension of assignment submission at IGNOU.

IGNOU Assignment Submission 2024: Important dates

  • IGNOU Assignments For June TEE Events Last date (Tentative)
  • IGNOU assignment submission last date 2024 30 April 2024.
  • ignou ba assignment 2024 30 April 2024
  • ma ignou assignment 2024 30 April 2024
  • ignou mba June TEE assignment 2024 30 April 2024
  • last date of ignou assignment submission for June TEE 2024 30 April 2024
  • ignou assignment last date 30 April 2024

IGNOU Assignment Online Programs 2024

IGNOU assignment submission has started for all the online programmes to appear in the June Term End Examination. The last date is 30 Apri 2024 for IGNOU assignment submission for Online programmes. The candidates must submit their IGNOU Assignments for all the online programmes such as BCOMOL, BCAOL, MCOMOL, MAJMCOL, MEGOL, MBAOL, and more.

Students can visit their nearest Regional centre and submit their IGNOU assignment in their desired mode, i.e., online or offline. It is advised to submit their assignments before the deadline as they carry a weight of 30% of the final score of June TEE.  

IGNOU Assignment Weightage

The weightage is 30% marks out of 100% of the Indira Gandhi National Open University Assignment in the student’s grade points. IGNOU assignment is very important in terms of TEE if any students don’t submit their assignment. They will not appear in the term-end examination as per the university guidelines. The rest of the 70% marks in particular subjects stand for theoretical term-end exams. The addition of assignment marks strengthens the student’s academic performance.

IGNOU Assignment

Preparation and Submission of IGNOU Assignment

Students must know how they can successfully submit and prepare their IGNOU assignment. We mentioned the answers to the following questions that will help students easily find a way to submit IGNOU assignments for the June Term end examination.

What is the process for preparing IGNOU course assignments? Which is the ideal size of sheet paper for assignment preparation? From where one can find questions for the particular term-end assignments? How do we know about the available mode of submitting assignments at the concerned study centres?

Preparation of IGNOU Assignments

Students can begin their IGNOU assignments by purchasing A4 lined sheets from the closest stationery shops. Learners needed to complete their introduction pages for each subject before they began answering the questions. The IGNOU assignment question paper can be downloaded from the IGNOU Web Services portal.

Points To Remember

  • Students should write assignments with their hands in their own words (no copy-paste).    
  • During each course, one assignment covers all of the material.
  • To complete the program, you must submit an assignment.
  • The question paper specifies the number of words expected in the answer. Depending on the instructions on the question paper, some questions may require nearly 500 words and others may require 1000.
  • Before taking the Term End Exam, you must submit your assignment.
  • Assignments are weighted at 30%. For more weighting information, please refer to the program guide.

The minimum passing mark for an assignment is usually 30%. Whenever a student fails to achieve passing marks, he/she must re-submit the assignment in the next cycle (6 months later).

IGNOU Assignment Question Paper

IGNOU assignment plays a very important part in the candidate’s final result. The university releases a question paper on the assignment on its official website @ignou.ac.in. Students studying in any program at the university, such as BA, MA, MBA, BEd, BBA, etc, can easily download it by keeping a few things in their minds.

The IGNOU Assignment Question Paper comprises a set of questions based on the candidate’s program. It comprises a total of 100 marks, and the students are required to score at least 40 marks to pass. The assignment, as a whole, has a weightage of 30% on the final mark sheet of the students.

Students can download the question for their respective program by following the simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official website designed by IGNOU.
Step 2: Find the option “Student Zone” and click on it.
Step 3: Find the option “Assignments” in the drop-down menu and select it.
Step 4: Choose your course code and program.
Step 5: Students can now download the IGNOU Assignment Question Paper Subject-Wise.

IGNOU Assignment Question Paper Formation

The IGNOU assignment question paper must be answered by applicants. The question happens for the selective list of courses. Paper is normally worth 100 marks, and students must maintain a score of at least 40 to pass the IGNOU assignments. However, the overall 100 marks are equal to 30 per cent of the total marks from an academic standpoint.

Questions in the IGNOU assignment subject paper are mostly comprised of both mandatory and choice-based questions. Sometimes, we see that students only get questions that they are required to attempt because of the absence of options. Where can one get answers to the questions asked in the IGNOU assignments? What would be the word limit? To answer these questions, one has to shift focus to the next section of this article.

IGNOU Assignment Answers Formation

IGNOU assignment questions and answers should be organized with a strong briefing, headers, sub-headers, and various other important units. All those answers are written in a point-by-point manner, which helps students to score more marks than answers having long paragraphs and confusing structure.

Students find answers to questions asked in the IGNOU assignment paper from their study materials. Nothing would be asked beyond the coursework. This means that if you have already completed your syllabus with learning, then you are not even required to open the learning materials because you may answer questions comfortably on your own.

Each answer has a limit of words. This means students are not necessarily required to continue writing for pages to pages, unaware of the word limit for a particular question. In order to know the minimum number of words required for each question, students should read the information and instructions provided in the question paper booklet.

Please keep the following factors in mind before answering the questions in the IGNOU assignments.

  • Write questions with a black ball pen prior to answering them.
  • Each answer is ideally decorated if it is given in blue ball pen.
  • Word limit, formation, and quality of content always bring high marks.
  • Even if you have adhered to the aforementioned trio in your IGNOU assignments, but wrote on two sides of a sheet of paper that will affect the outcome badly. Students should write answers on a separate sheet of paper rather than two sides to get maximum marks.

IGNOU Assignment Submission: How to Submit IGNOU Assignment?    

For IGNOU assignment submission, you need to reach out to the nearby regional or study centre or visit the official website. Students need to submit their assignments as per the IGNOU guidelines and bring very important information, we have mentioned the following points so that students can submit their assignments properly.

  • You should have written IGNOU Assignments by hand.
  • The first page of each assignment must contain the following; the name of the student, enrollment number, course code, study centre code, mobile number, and email address.
  • Each page should be signed by the students.
  • Scan files of each course have to be submitted separately through emails, or Google Documents.
  • Only PDF format will be accepted in the softcopy mode.
  • Hard copies should be submitted at the concerned study centres.

The following part of this article is going to make students aware of the assignment submission process for all forms, e.g., Google documents, email, and hardcopy.

IGNOU Assignments Submission via Google Form

Students can submit their IGNOU assignment via a Google Form-based process that can easily completed from a smartphone, desktop, or laptop with the assistance of the Internet. Those students who are invited to their IGNOU assignment online with the form have to open an active Google Documents Link. The link can be accessed directly from the regional centre website that holds the data of the study centre allocated to you.

How to submit the IGNOU Assignment through Google Forms? To fully understand the process of IGNOU assignment submission with Google Documents, one should follow the instructions shown below.

  • Kindly visit opted IGNOU regional centre website
  • Click upon “Assignment Submission Guidelines”
  • Please read the assignment guidelines carefully
  • Open “Instructions, and Link for submission of assignments”
  • Search “study centre with SC Code”
  • The link is just in front of the address of the study centre
  • Enter basic personal, program, and subject details
  • Select PDF File, and Upload

IGNOU Assignments Submission Email

IGNOU Assignment submission Email-wise is one of the easiest ways of submitting the practicals and projects because it can be done from anywhere without a physical appearance in the study centre. IGNOU assignments may be sent via email by students, but they must make sure that they have correctly completed a separate attachment for each subject in PDF format before doing so.

The complete process of IGNOU assignment submission email-based can be learned in the given manner.

  • Please open the IGNOU regional centre portal.
  • Do not forget to read the “assignment guidelines”
  • Kindly click upon “Instructions, and Link for assignments submission”
  • Find the study centre through the SC code.
  • The email address is displayed next to the address field.
  • Kindly ensure to write basic personal, course, and subject information.
  • Upload course PDF files.
  • Press the send button to share it with the study centre coordinator.

IGNOU Assignment Submission Study Centre

  • Indira Gandhi National Open University Assignment submission at the Study Centre is a common way to submit projects and practicals. In the traditional mode, the assignments have to be submitted to the study center in hard copy form. Students can only submit their hard copies of IGNOU assignments at the allocated study centres.
  • How to submit the IGNOU assignment at the Study Centre? This is the most common question asked by the students.
  • Following the instructions provided below will make it simple for one to turn in assignments to the Indira Gandhi National Open University in physical mode.
  • IGNOU Assignment front page design, which should include the student’s name, the name and code of the course, the name and code of the study centre, the name and code of the subject, the enrollment number, the mobile number, the email address, sessions, and so on.
  • One can also download, and print the first page from Google or any other search engine to save time. This is the most popular way of preparing the first page for Indira Gandhi National Open University assignments.
  • Please attach the printed hard copy of the subject question paper after the very first page.
  • Each A4 sheet page must secure the students’ signature, enrollment number, and subject code.
  • Kindly tie the prepared subject assignment’s pages together with a project file knot.
  • Reach the concerned study centre before the last date, and submit the assignment successfully.
  • After all, the study center gives IGNOU assignment receiving slip.

Leave the study centre campus only after receiving a receipt for the submission of your assignments.

Submission Status

IGNOU Assignment Submission Status

The deadline for submitting IGNOU assignments for June 2024 is April 30, 2024. Once the assignments are submitted, you can check the status of their submission by going to the official website, @ignou.ac.in. It takes about 30 days for students’ assignments to be updated when they submit them at a nearby study centre or regional centre. On the official website, the status of the assignment submission is usually updated. To check the IGNOU assignment submission status, candidates must enter their login credentials, which include their programme code and IGNOU enrollment number.

How do you check the IGNOU Assignment Submission Status?

Students can check their IGNOU assignment submission status at any time and from anywhere. However, students must note that the status may not be updated immediately after you submit your assignment. It may take a few days for the status to be updated. One can quickly get updates on IGNOU assignment status by visiting the points mentioned in the following steps.

  • To check the IGNOU Assignment Status, students need to open the Assignment status.
  • Then enter your enrollment number 10 Digits Max
  • Then, choose your program code
  • Students press the “Submit” button
  • Students can now check the IGNOU Assignment status.

What should I do if the IGNOU Assignment Status is not updated?

  • After one month of submitting the IGNOU Assignments, students can check the assignment status because one month is the minimum duration to update.
  • If your assignment status is updated in the first update, it is good, but it is shown as not updated. Please wait for the second update.
  • After the second update, the IGNOU assignment status is not updated; students need to visit the regional centre where students submit their assignments.


IGNOU Assignment Result

The IGNOU assignment result will be available. The assignment result will be live on the official Indira Gandhi National Open University website. After evaluating all the assignments, the results will be released on the IGNOU website. So, students can expect the assignment result to be available sometime on 30 June 2024 (tentative). When you will see the IGNOU assignment result students must have the enrollment number and program code.

Students can check the IGNOU Assignment Result by following these simple steps:

  • Students need to visit the IGNOU official website.
  • Then click on the “Student Support” section.
  • Click on the “Assignment” or “Assignment Status” link.
  • Then enter your Credentials like enrollment number and program code.
  • Click on the “Submit” or “Check Status” button.


Student can also contact their IGNOU study centre for more information about the IGNOU Assignment Result

Grade Card

IGNOU Assignment Grade Card

The significance of assignment grades is something that we all already comprehend. Thus, it is necessary to check the assignment marks so that one can calculate their overall percentage for the specific term.

IGNOU grade card is the final stage where students get a definite view of their scores on Indira Gandhi National Open University assignments. There is no other option to check the marks of IGNOU assignments. In order to learn about the process of checking the IGNOU Assignment Result, Grade card, students need to follow the steps in the given manner.

How do I find out my IGNOU assignment marks?

  • Kindly visit the official website of IGNOU
  • Press on the “Result” section
  • Then on “Grade Card”
  • Select “Programme”
  • Enter “Enrollment Number”
  • Select “Programme code” from the drop-down list
  • Click on the “Search” button
  • Assignment marks are visible on the right side of the screen
  • Students can print the result if they wish to by pressing the “Print ICON”

What if students avoid or fail to submit IGNOU assignments?

The significance of assignments in Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is very high because it offers a minimum of 30 percent marks out of 100 in a specific subject of the program. Students who are going to study in one of the programs at IGNOU always have a common question: If they avoid, fail, or do not submit assignments –  will it cost them?

The answer to the above-mentioned question is an absolute “yes,” because, without the submission of assignments, one cannot complete their degree, diploma, or certificate program at IGNOU.

Those students who fail to submit their assignments before the deadline needed to create a new one for the next academic session. So that students can comfortably submit their assignments by the last date of the upcoming academic session. It is obvious that the students can only submit skipped assignments by making a new one up to the specific admission limit.

IGNOU Assignment Guidelines

The majority of students seeking IGNOU Assignment Guidelines can find them listed below. It is essential for students to thoroughly read and understand all these guidelines carefully and properly before submitting their IGNOU assignments.

  • Assignments should be written by hand and students scanned properly.
  • On the first page of each assignment, the student’s name, enrollment number, study centre code, course code, mobile phone number, and e-mail address should be stated.
  • Before scanning and uploading the assignment, each page must be signed by the students either at the top or bottom.
  • Scan your assignments one by one using Mobile or Cam Scan. It is important that the scanned copy is very clear.
  • The assignment response for each course should be scanned into a single PDF file, which means there should not be 5 PDF files containing the five answers to one assignment, but one single PDF with all five responses.
  • You can send the scanned assignments separately by email for each course. I would like to mention that all the assignments for all courses cannot be attached in a single email.
  • Generally, the file name should begin with the student’s enrolment number, followed by the course number. For example, if your enrolment number is 8574747887, and you plan to submit the MEG1 assignment, the file name should be 8574747887 MEG1.
  • Please ignore this message if you have already submitted your assignment at your study centre.


IGNOU Updates for 2024 Assignments: Submission Deadline Extended

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has announced an extension of the submission deadline for assignments across various programs including Online, ODL, GOAL, and EVBB-level courses. Students enrolled in programs like BSc, BCom, BBA, MBA, MCom, MA, MCA, and others must submit their assignments by April 30, 2024, to be eligible for the June Term-end Examinations (TEE).

Assignments can be submitted either through the university’s official website at ignou.ac.in or at regional centers. It is crucial for students to meet this deadline as assignments constitute 30% of the final examination marks. Failure to submit will result in students being ineligible to sit for the examinations.

Key Updates:    

  • Assignment Deadline: The last submission date for the June TEE is April 30, 2024.
  • Examination Form: IGNOU has also opened the examination form for June TEE 2024, with the submission deadline set for April 22, 2024, without any late fees.
  • Admission and Re-registration: The window for admissions and re-registrations for the January 2024 session has been closed as of March 31, 2024.


Submission Process and Requirements:

Students may submit their assignments offline at regional study centers or online via the Assignment Portal or email. Each assignment must include a cover page with student details and adhere to specific subject codes and file format guidelines. The importance of assignments is emphasized as they consolidate learning and aid in exam preparation. Regular updates and guidelines are available on the online student portal.

Importance and Impact of Assignment Submission:

Assignments play a critical role in student evaluations at IGNOU, contributing significantly to the eligibility for appearing in term-end exams. Students who fail to submit their assignments on time will need to wait until the next term to re-submit.

In summary, students must adhere to the deadline of April 30, 2024, for assignment submissions to ensure their ability to appear for the June TEE. Regularly visiting the official IGNOU portal will provide students with up-to-date information on submission guidelines and related academic requirements.

Submission Guidelines and Support for IGNOU Assignments

IGNOU ensures that all students have clear instructions and support for preparing and submitting assignments efficiently. Here's a detailed guide to help students manage their submissions:

Preparation of Assignments:

  • Assignments should be handwritten to reflect the student’s understanding and effort.
  • Use A4 size lined paper for assignment submissions.
  • Download specific assignment question papers from the IGNOU portal to guide your responses.
  • Assignments should be comprehensive, covering all required aspects as per the provided questions, which usually range from 500 to 1000 words depending on the requirement.


Submission Methods:

  • Offline: Students can submit printed assignments at regional centers.
  • Online: Assignments can be uploaded via the Assignment Portal or emailed directly to the designated regional center email addresses.
  • Ensure that each assignment submission has a cover page with complete student details, including the enrollment number and course code, and follow the submission guidelines precisely.
  • Assignment Weightage and Importance:
  • Each assignment carries a weightage of 30% towards the final mark in the respective subject.
  • The minimum passing mark for assignments is generally 30%.
  • Assignments are critical as they are integral to the learning process and preparation for the term-end exams.


Submission Deadline and Extensions:

  • The confirmed deadline for assignment submission is April 30, 2024, for the June Term-end Examination.
  • Students are advised to check the official IGNOU website regularly for any updates or extensions to the submission deadlines.
  • Checking Assignment Submission Status and Results:
  • Post submission, students can check the status of their assignments through the IGNOU portal using their enrollment number and program code.
  • The assignment status typically updates within 30 to 40 working days after submission.
  • Final results and grade cards are accessible on the IGNOU website once the assignments are evaluated.


Utilizing IGNOU Resources:

IGNOU offers extensive resources to aid in the completion of assignments. These include study materials, online tutorials, and webinars that explain core concepts and methodologies applicable to the assignment questions.
The IGNOU library, available online, provides access to a wealth of information that can bolster students' research and responses.

Tips for Effective Assignment Writing:

  • Structure: Ensure that each response is well-organized, using headers and sub-headers to break down the text into readable sections. This not only makes the assignment more presentable but also easier to grade.
  • Clarity and Precision: Be concise and clear in your writing. Avoid unnecessary fluff. Answer the question directly and make sure each sentence contributes to your argument or explanation.
  • Originality: Write in your own words to demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and can lead to severe academic consequences.
  • Proofreading: Always revise your assignments before submission. Look for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and ensure that your argument flows logically.


Submission Procedures:

  • Hardcopy Submission: If submitting in person, ensure that assignments are neatly bound and include all required pages. The first page should include personal and course-specific information as previously mentioned.
  • Softcopy Submission: When submitting online, ensure that documents are scanned clearly and uploaded in the correct format, typically PDF. Each assignment should be in a separate file, clearly labeled for easy identification.


Handling Submission Issues:

If encountering issues during the online submission process, students should contact the technical support team at IGNOU or seek assistance at regional centers.
Keep a copy of all submitted assignments, whether digital or hardcopy, as proof of submission in case there are any discrepancies or your submission is lost.

After Submission:

After submitting your assignments, monitor the IGNOU portal for updates on the evaluation process and final grading.
If the assignment status is not updated within the expected timeframe, contact the study center or regional office to verify the status of your submission.

Long-term Planning

Long-term Planning:

To avoid last-minute stress and potential issues with meeting deadlines, begin working on assignments early in the semester.
Plan your study schedule to allocate sufficient time for each subject’s assignments, considering other academic responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques 1. What is the IGNOU assignment last date extended?

Answer:  IGNOU Assignment last date extended is 30 April 2024 for June TEE.

Ques 2: How can I submit the IGNOU assignment?

Answer: There are majorly three major methods to submit the IGNOU course assignment- google Forms, email, & at the Study Centre.

Ques 3: Where to submit the IGNOU Assignment?

Ans: Students can submit IGNOU Assignment at the Study Centre, On the University’s official website, By Email, and through the Google Form.

Ques 4: IGNOU Online Assignment Submission Link?

Ans: IGNOU Online Assignment submission link is @assignment.ignou.ac.in/.

Ques 5: In IGNOU, how long does it take to update the assignment status?

Ans: Generally, it takes up to 30 to 40 working days for the updation of IGNOU Assignment Status.

Ques 5: How to fill the IGNOU Assignment front page?

Ans: Students can download the IGNOU Assignment ka front page from Google, including name, roll, number, and subject name.

Ques 6: What is IGNOU Assignment submission last date 2024?

Ans: IGNOU Assignment submission last date 2024 is 30 April 2024.

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