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July 9, 2024, 5:32 p.m.

The Future of Textiles: An Exclusive Interview with Sara Rosberg

Welcome to another inspiring interview on, where we delve into the remarkable journeys of entrepreneurs and innovators shaping the future of various industries. Today, we have the pleasure of sharing the story of Sara Rosberg, a visionary in the world of textiles and fashion. Sara's journey from her early life in Malmö to founding Transforming Textiles AB is a testament to resilience, creativity, and an unwavering passion for innovation.

In this interview, you'll learn about Sara's unique path, including her educational background, career challenges, and the groundbreaking work she is doing with her company, Transforming Textiles AB. Sara's experiences offer valuable insights into the intersection of fashion, technology, and sustainability. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a fashion enthusiast, or simply curious about innovative textile technologies, Sara's story is sure to inspire and educate. Join us as we explore her journey and the exciting future of Sense-Tex, the revolutionary smart yarn transforming multiple industries.

Early Life and Education

Tell us something about you, your early life and education

I was born in Sri Lanka and adopted by a Swedish family when I was just two months old. I grew up in Malmö, an industrial city in Sweden. Initially, I pursued studies in science, but later decided to follow my passion for fashion in my late teens. This led me to pursue a degree in Business Administration and English Studies, with a focus on fashion. I also obtained a Master's degree in Linguistics.

Although my interest in science never waned, I felt a strong calling to pursue a creative path. As I delved deeper into my journey, I discovered that my biological mother was a Saari designer who worked with textiles. This revelation helped everything fall into place.

Throughout my career, I have worked in various positions within the fashion industry in Sweden, London, and Italy. These experiences allowed me to gain valuable knowledge about the industry and its supply chain. In addition to my professional work, I also had my own freelance label.

Unfortunately, I faced challenges with my health due to my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. As a result, I made the difficult decision to step away from my career and focus on starting a family. I resumed my textile path years later and founded Transforming Textiles AB.

Career Journey and Challenges

Tell us about the business and its presence in the target market

Transforming Textiles AB specializes in the development of innovative textile technologies. Our latest creation is Sense-Tex, a cutting-edge smart yarn that brings together style, functionality, and sustainability. With its health-enhancing properties, Sense-Tex is versatile and can be applied in various industries including space, healthcare, fashion, defence, and armed forces.

Growth and Expansion Plans

What are some of the growth and expansion plans you have in your pipeline?

After achieving recognition as a top 10 finalist in the ESA (European Space Agency) Nordic Launch Programme 2022, our focus has now expanded to the Defence industry. 
Additionally, we are currently engaged in discussions with venture capitalists (VCs) regarding potential funding opportunities. On the Textile side of our business, we are thrilled to announce that we will be making our Runway debut at the Milan Fashion Week in September. 

During this event, we will be showcasing our latest collection featuring Sense-Tex, in collaboration with the esteemed Friend of the Earth organization and the World Sustainability Organization, that have certified our product. We also collaborate with that offers sustainable printing in small qualities for designers, and the talented Swedish artist Charlotte Kheler at CKheler Design. 

Our objective is to demonstrate the versatility of Sense-Tex in the realm of Fashion, particularly considering the evolving regulatory landscape brought forth by the EU's new Textile production and Textile waste regulations, such as ERP and DPP. These regulations require producers to incorporate 10% biobased circular materials in their collections by 2025, as well as implement effective textile waste management strategies. Sense-Tex serves as a viable solution to address these challenges and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Achievements and Recognition

How has the year been for your company? 

Thus far, the year has been marked by a plethora of positive media coverage for Sense-Tex on a global scale. In addition, we successfully concluded a lengthy patent application process in the United States. Furthermore, we have completed a testing phase with Vitalprobe and Supreme Corporation in the United States, and we anticipate initiating market activities soon. Regrettably, we have encountered challenges in securing suitable funding. As a result, we are actively seeking a trustworthy and ethical investment partner who can support our expansion efforts and facilitate our transition to the next phase.

Competitive Edge and Market Offerings

What does your business offer as per the current competitive market?

Sense-Tex offers a comprehensive range of benefits even without the application of sensors. As an exceptional textile, it safeguards your well-being by virtue of being chemically free, providing protection against viruses and bacteria. Unlike traditional production methods that may result in the release of micro particles into the drinking water, our 5-fibre yarn construction prevents such contamination. Through our research and development process, we have also uncovered an innovative method to mechanically separate the fibers, ensuring a circular material. We are committed to advancing our recycling project alongside our ongoing development initiatives.

Promoting Effective Teamwork

What measures do you think employees and organizations can take to build effective teamwork and unity?

I believe that every organization and employer is unique. It is not my place to make sweeping statements that may not apply universally, as that would be unethical and inappropriate. My vision is to promote the creation of more inclusive workplaces, where there is an emphasis on accommodating diversity and fostering an atmosphere of tolerance. Rather than adhering to traditional hierarchical structures, I envision a collaborative environment where individuals work together as a cohesive unit. Each person, regardless of their role, is valued equally and contributes to achieving our collective goals. It is important to recognize and appreciate the contributions of every individual.

Research and Innovation

Focus on Research and Innovation

Tell us about the company’s focus and investment in research and innovation

We have dedicated almost three and a half years to research and development to ensure that Sense-Tex underwent thorough testing and received all necessary approvals before its launch. Safety and transparency are critical considerations in the development of any new material. Collaborating across multiple sectors, including Space, Healthcare, and Fashion, has been instrumental for us, as we leverage each other's expertise and collaborate to solve challenges. Although it may not always be straightforward, working together is likely the only viable path towards a sustainable future.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Any tips for startups looking to get onto the similar pathway?  

This journey is not without its challenges, demanding a deep passion and unwavering belief in one's work. Navigating multiple industries may not be suitable for everyone, but it can be both enjoyable and enriching when one discovers their true calling. However, it is essential to possess a genuine desire to make a positive impact and effect meaningful change in order to unlock the full potential of one's innovation.

Therefore, it is crucial to remain authentic to oneself and uphold personal values, while maintaining faith and kindness. The path to success is yours to forge, and should not be dictated by others. Remember, even if you may feel like you do not quite fit into this world, you still play an integral role within it. Venture forth and seize your own space where you can thrive, exist, and achieve your utmost potential.


Sara Rosberg's journey is a shining example of how passion, perseverance, and innovation can lead to groundbreaking achievements. From her early days in Malmö to creating Sense-Tex and leading Transforming Textiles AB, Sara has continually pushed the boundaries of what's possible in the textile industry. Her story is a powerful reminder that challenges can be transformed into opportunities for growth and innovation.

We hope you found Sara's insights and experiences as inspiring as we did. To stay updated on her latest ventures, business tips, and success stories, we encourage you to connect with Sara Rosberg on LinkedIn. Follow her journey and gain valuable knowledge from a true leader in sustainable textile technology.

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